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Do you believe in fate? Is it possible you have been guided here? Well of course, It is not by coincidence that our soul paths have crossed, but merely a stepping stone on your journey.

You do not have to be in doubt, alone or confused. I provide you a SAFE HAVEN, FREE OF JUDGEMENT, AND UPMOST REGARD TO PROTECTING YOUR PRIVACY.

My aspiration is to awaken your spirit, and guide you to embrace the light. So that you may continue on your journey and fulfill your destiny.

I know YOU are "Something Special” Are you ready to remove the veil, gain a new perspective, so that you can start anew with clarity and peace of mind.


Spiritual Coach Of The Heart & Soul

For many moons, I have been offering guidance. I am continually on a journey of spiritual & self-discovery.

I am not limited in my work with spirit, whatever issues, questions, problems, or concerns you may have, my soul work can bring them to light and help you uncover the answers you need. I can assist you with matters of the heart and soul.

I will EMPOWER you to start RIGHT NOW to make your life EXACTLY, what you want it to be from this day forward.

PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTACTING I am a believer in free will. Please understand that if you are committed to the idea that you have no control over your future, that you are merely a victim of fate or destiny, then I am not the one you should call. I believe very strongly that fate and destiny present themselves to us as choices, and that the choices we make today shape the reality we experience tomorrow. My healing work is focused on your soul path. I am a strong believer of Karma, so you can rest assured I will provide you "Honest Enlightenment" Yes, there may be times I will not be able to tell you what you’re wanting to hear. It is what you need to know. I do not provide you with "False Hope" All matters are handled very delicately! There are many avenues we can take to achieve peace of mind and joy in our lives

I welcome you to contact me, if you are ready to make a CONSCIOUS CHOICE to live, REALLY LIVE the rest of your life In a calm peace that only those of us with a higher awareness do! May you always walk in Peace and Love Be Blessed Much Love and Light

ATTENTION: I do not provide insight into Health, Medical, Death, or Pregnancy

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call,

Local Time: (GMT-05:00) September 30, 2022, 08:19AM

Location: Appalachian Mountains  (Find on Google Maps)

$3.95 per minute (after your approval)

$40 / 10 Min Gain Clarity Of Heart & Soul Matters

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24 Mar 2019 unsatisfactory ranking kal4483

Worst I really didn’t get any other answers other than basically be patient practice law of attraction and a lot of other things that had nothing to really do with what I was asking. Didn’t honestly give a time frame just said in a couple of weeks we’ll a couple of weeks is between now and when? Gave information before I even paid wasted 6 mins after I paid just to ask for information again and to be told to wait until she give information first but she didn’t give information first felt the energy change towards the end could tell she was ready to end reading worst worst worst don’t waste your money would like I refund

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02 May 2017 unsatisfactory ranking mcu23

It was quite a vague reading. She said it herself that she didn't connect to much of the questions I asked her. She was nice though. Just didn't have any answers for me.

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23 Apr 2017 unsatisfactory ranking Michelle (unregistered)

I realize I only paid for two and half minutes but I only had a few questions to ask, so I thought that would be plenty of time to give me quick answers. She told me not to ask any questions until she explained what she saw first, however it took her TWO AND A HALF MINUTES. to type two sentences. I never like giving bad reviews but I wasn't pleased with this reading at all. And no it had nothing to do with what she told me. I can accept good and bad news the same. It just shouldn't have taken you that long to answer a question.

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24 Oct 2016 unsatisfactory ranking chasitylynn2001

Wrong with advice and predictions.

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06 Oct 2016 unsatisfactory ranking tyannbeck

... what she says isn't matching up to what my gut is telling me. Come to think about it this isn't what she told me in our first reading. First it was about work now it's about a hurt past love. Yeah ok. Update told me no one else was involved but he told me other wise!!

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