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Stunningly Accurate & Fast! I read energies easily. I can tell you what they are thinking/feeling. I can see clearly if you are in a soul mate relationship. No time wasted. Highly accurate with details. Timelines given. NO DOB! Just first names.

If you would like a SPECIAL – Ask for a special during the free time only – do not cancel the automatic per min fee and then ask. You have 3 free minutes to request a special. Thank you.

Please note: I offer a paid service and by accepting my payment request, you acknowledge and accept that you are paying for my services. Once my service has been delivered, there will be no refunds offered unless and only if there has been a technical issue. Otherwise all payments are final. Thank you.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

20+ years as a Professional Psychic/Medium & Healer.

I read energy – not numbers, therefore I don’t ask for DOB so please just give me your first names and any questions.

I can help with lost objects, lost pet’s.

I can connect easily to loved one’s who have passed on. Pet Psychic. Master Tarot Reader. Natural Healer with the ability to adjust vibrations. Meditation Teacher and Silva Mind Control graduate.

I am a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Usui & Tibetan and only 7 Generations from the Grand Reiki Master, Usui.

No lottery #’s No Medical Questions No predictions of when someone will cross No pregnancy Questions

Timeline .. there is no time in spirit and I am normally highly accurate but can’t guarantee timing. Mostly spot on..


Love & Relationship & Soulmate Expert – Very Powerful Psychic – What is he/she thinking/feeling. Fast Answers! Remote Viewing. NO DOB please – First names only. I read energy. Highly Accurate and fast. Please Read Feedback – Predictions are spot on! Psychic since childhood.

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call,

Local Time: (GMT-05:00) June 04, 2023, 01:32PM

Location: Florida  (Find on Google Maps)

$7.99 per minute (after your approval)

5 minuets = $27, 10 minutes = $55, 20 minutes = $90

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27 Oct 2022 satisfactory ranking mintchocolatechip1155

Sorry to say but all these readings you didn’t pick up he had been cheating. I would expect for a psychic to pick it up but then again no one picked it up so I am not faulting you. It just sucks to pay money but not know something that big.

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10 Sep 2022 satisfactory ranking haleyv0627

Went in chat today got disconnected my internet when tried to reconnect could not did you block me?? First reading was completely different from reading today wanted to know why predictions did not come to pass either that’s why went into today for update try to login can’t either predictions are very tricky get different readings every time

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18 May 2022 satisfactory ranking kimrousseau

Very good but super stressed with her time like... not generous at all. But good. Will see if predictions come true...

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17 Dec 2021 satisfactory ranking 96458468 (unregistered)

liked her

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02 Dec 2021 satisfactory ranking Th (unregistered)

A little frustrating to talk to, paid for the 10min package however I left as she wasn’t really giving details and I really had to push for answers to get one sentence responses - I honestly don’t think she connected so just was trying to come up with stuff. Not really happy.

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