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My clients appreciate my grounded, non-judgmental stance and my honesty. I don’t sugar coat in my readings, so I won’t tell you what you want to hear, but I am compassionate and understanding that moving forward isn’t an event, but one step at a time.

I believe everything happens for a reason and that we are vibrational beings, and we go through experiences in life to grow.

If you would like a SPECIAL $, please ask BEFORE the free 3 minutes is up. If you cancel the charge after free time – those additional minutes will be deducted from the Special. 3 Free mins only! Ie. client took 8 minutes to ask for a $10 special. My time is valuable – don’t waste it :)

Please note: I offer a paid service and by accepting my payment request, you acknowledge and accept that you are paying for my services. Once my service has been delivered, there will be no refunds offered unless and only if there has been a technical issue. Otherwise all payments are final. Thank you.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

20+ years as a Professional Psychic/Medium & Healer.

I can connect easily to loved one’s who have passed on. Pet Psychic. Master Tarot Reader. Natural Healer with the ability to adjust vibrations. Meditation Teacher and Silva Mind Control graduate.

I am a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Usui & Tibetan and only 7 Generations from the Grand Reiki Master, Usui.

Please do not ask me for Lottery numbers, for example:

J Can you give me 6 Lottery numbers up to 69

Me Do you imagine I would be working here if I knew what the lottery numbers were?

J Hung up!



Love & Relationship & Soulmate Expert – Very Powerful Psychic – What is he/she thinking/feeling. Fast Answers! Remote Viewing. NO DOB please – First names only. I read energy. Highly Accurate and fast. Please Read Feedback – Predictions are spot on! Psychic since childhood.

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12 Dec 2020 unsatisfactory ranking Len (unregistered)

So so money minded

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18 Aug 2020 unsatisfactory ranking dcb89

Prediction didn’t come to pass. I didn’t get the job.

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25 May 2020 unsatisfactory ranking dangermouse007

Fantastic, will see how things pan out, seems to be accurate from what I know and feel, thank you, take care :-) Update: Prediction didn’t come to pass, disappointing, just another reading with false hope, was told to give it another week, won’t be able to change review in a couple of days, but to be honest I don’t really feel any changes coming. Too good to be true, sadly.

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13 May 2020 unsatisfactory ranking islandbeaute

Very connected with my poi. I will update if contact prediction happens(: UPDATE: Reading was done on the 7th and unfortunately contact prediction for poi to reach out did not happen within time frame given (7-10 days).

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