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Hi, my mystical name is Esther Neptune. I am an expert in astrology having access to software tools and Tarot that can guide me to know and understand your life journey.

I have been on Bitwine for 5 years. I enjoy the Bitwine platform due to the exclusive chat feature. I type LIGHTNING FAST (80WPM)!

UPDATE 2/25/19 I’m still working as a full-time psychic reader, but no longer provide regular services on Bitwine. If you would like me to hop on, please drop me a line!** PLEASE NOTE: I will not respond to emails of those who have found me on other platforms. My time is too valuable and my schedule is busy elsewhere. Please respect my time! TY

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

5 years of doing professional psychic readings with an excellent track record.

Over 15,000 readings in my psychic career with experience on four platforms total, one of them a tested site.  I remain on two of those platforms today (I also read on

Previous background as a pharmacist with a bachelor’s degree. I really CARE about YOU!

I do have lots of personal, and some professional experiences that have contributed to my ability to not judge situations. In my previous career as a pharmacist, I enjoyed working with psychiatric patients. Therefore, I know the state of the troubled mind. I am blessed by many traumatic life circumstances, so I am less judgmental about your situation!

Bitwine 2019: I’ve continued to work on my health, after taking it easy during 2016-2018 due to a severe illness. We’ll see what 2019 brings! I hope to eventually return to regular hours on Happy Hour (HH) which is 10pm ET/7pm PT.


I have known astrology for many years, but got my lucky break as a professional advisor in 2013 on a startup website. Now that I have some experience under my belt, I am expanding my horizons to Bitwine and elsewhere. Here are some of my reviews from the first psychic website I was on (which is now extinct):

You read me like you know me ;) You’re always right about it all! I tell people that we are better friends than anything! Thanks so much <3

Scary good…gives very precise dates and can telly you what to expect in a situation before it happens


Was able to tell me details about my husband’s illness that the doctor had not told us. Later confirmed by the doctor. Awesome psychic!!!

have a gift for analyzing people In great detail.

Everything you could ask for! Accurate, honest, detailed and so very kind. Incredibly generous with her own time and thoughtful! Amazing

Correctly predicted 6 months in advance that a family member would back out of a planned vacation. She’s the best!!!!

Esther is fantastic! The best psychic on this site or in general in my opinion. She is always right on the money!

I would love to supplement your reading material with additional information! Please check out this link for my blog:

I also had done a BlogTalkRadio show where I discussed many different psychic and astrology topics and also some health-related issues, with insights from the illness I faced. You may access those show archives here:

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Languages: English

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Local Time: (GMT-06:00) March 22, 2019, 12:22PM

Location: Madison, WI  (Find on Google Maps)

Last seen: 5 days ago

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01 Feb 2018 excellent ranking lovesick93

Cant wait to update predictions from you! Im so excited about 2018. Excited for predictions and excited for whats to come! Thank you again!

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26 Jan 2018 excellent ranking jkhim

Thanks hun, you are great! Hoping that your predictions for next month comes true :)

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25 Jan 2018 excellent ranking lovesick93

She never seems to disappoint me. When I say she gives TRUTH, she gives TRUTH. Good or bad, ugly or pretty and COLD lol! I love that she does not give false hopes and she always has something she sees everytime I call. There is ALWAYS new information she has to give. She goes indepth with what you ask her and always accurate and honest on what she sees. Her outcomes happen, if you focus on that more than time frames you will be good, remember that. Thanks!!

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25 Jan 2018 excellent ranking kdawggy

Gave me so much free time!!!! So generous and kind and explained so many things that I never knew or could even fathom! Guys you have to do an astrology reading with her! Life changing. Thanks so much esther! Wasn’t all positive but thanks for understanding my situation and what I’m going through. You are my other half :)

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25 Jan 2018 excellent ranking paprnazi

First time with her - LOVED it! So much specific, detailed info. Really cool advisor!

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