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I do not do typical "readings". I believe that my gifts are not meant for me to dictate your fate as others have done. Others may tell you what they see for you, and whether you fear it or desire it, if you do so enough, you manifest it. I will empower you to master your own destiny.

You know you hunger for more – I will help you to understand what you want and how to get it. I am here to help you heal your past, this life and those before it. I am here to help you connect with your purpose. I am here to help you develop into the Divine Kings and Queens you were born to be. The love – and lover – that you desire and crave is real. Together, we will transform everything that you are into your highest possible iteration. We will retrieve all of the power that is available to you. You will become stronger, wiser, peaceful, ecstatic, and successful. Do you want someone to tell you what you want to hear, or for someone to see you – hear you – feel you – and guide you to the fulfillment of your dreams?

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We truly work on a donation basis. This is an energy exchange and with what I am teaching, gratitude is critical to your development. The donation to me is an investment in yourself and truly, what you receive from me will end up being in proportion to what you give. Your exchange with me is representative of your commitment to yourself, your gratitude for what abundance you have in your life, and your faith in me as a healer. Mind you it isn’t the dollar amount, but how much that amount of money means to you. For some, a $30 reading is a large portion of their available budget – to others, it is mere pittance. The work I do with you requires a commitment to yourself, and if you want results, you need to value the energy exchange between us to value the teachings.


I am an old soul – with remembered history beyond life in this star system. For those who know about Starseeds, I hail from Arcturus as a servant of the Brotherhood of the All. For all others, just know that my soul is bound to service of all consciousness for all time – that means you too :)

If I laid claim to my past lives, you wouldn’t believe me – until you’ve seen what I can do for you. Starseed Davina, my wife and I, teach our clients how to manifest love, abundance, and peace into their experiences. I just started this profile, but you can see from her profile that we do good work – http://psychic.bitwine.com/users/247081-starseed_davina

I do not do psychic readings, and I may or may not bother to tell you what the guy at work or the girl at school thinks about you. You seek those answers because you don’t yet know what questions to ask. I will help you become master of your destiny instead of being a victim of fate.

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