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✨Relationship Expert, Intuitive Spiritual Psychic, Love Guru & Healer, Life Guide & Coach. I am an Expert Empath Providing Specialized & Result Oriented Readings on Love, Relationships, Career and other Life matters.


I will share my light to help you with the troubles you are having in life by providing detailed insights and spiritual intuitive guidance to help you have better understanding and clarity to restore Happiness. Join me with open mind to seek truth because I am straight forward, honest & intuitive advisor WHO will tell everything as it is and not say anything otherwise just to make you feel happy.

With My Gifted abilities and years of experience I will provide accurate, truthful and non-judgmental guidance regarding ☆Love ☆Relationships ☆Reunions ☆Career ☆Marriage ☆Spiritual Energy ☆Life path ☆Cheating ☆Intent of your partner ☆Soulmates & Twin flames ☆Dreams ☆Upcoming Opportunities ☆other Life Matters.

Future is manifestation of your efforts in the present and i will help you understand where your choices would lead. Moreover Working together with spirit guide I will help you be on the path leading towards fulfilment of your hearty desire.

I’m committed to bring clarity with Compassion and Love

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am a Gifted Intuitive Spiritual Psychic, Certified Life Coach Spiritual Life Coach, Life Long Intuitive Empath, Asian Shaman Professional Relationship Expert specializing in Psychic Readings, Spiritual Awakening, Dream Interpretations, Energy Balancing, Love healings, Meditations and Reiki Healings

My other certificates are thousands of people I have been helping professionally over the years. My Astro sign is Scorpio which is among the most intuitive, psychic and healing sign of zodiac.


I have the blessings of generations backing me to help the ones in need. Being a Spiritual Life guide and Therapist I share my light with all but especially those who are going through bad phases in their lives. My Spiritual readings are Professional, Precise, Honest and Subject oriented which will help you in getting the whole picture regarding the situation. I have been in this profession for over 15 years and have helped thousands of people by sharing my light with them. My unique yet effective way of guiding and counselling have really helped thousands of clients feel a great sense of peace and relief. I work with the energies, Runes and spirit guides to provide a TRUTHFUL & HONEST session which helps alter the way things would go for you in life.

Readings are done about your life and things that you can control but Timing is fluid because it is connected to the path being chosen. we can also not forget about the divine interventions. Please come to me with open mind and heart to turn your life around and be amazed by my gift.

Disclaimer: ’’10 deal is for new registered clients only.’‘ ’’As per site policy Readings are for entertainment purposes only.’‘

Please Note In the event of Chat dis-connection you are humbly requested to please call back. Your time bought/package will remain safe with me.❤️

Some Testimonials: ✨I really enjoyed this reading. Spiritual Jav is one of the best readers on this platform. She has helped me sort things out in my life with step by step guidance. I am so thankful!!!

✨Reader is the real deal. Spiritual Jav picked up on a time period where I am to settle a legal issue and receive funds owed from a past debt. The reader mentioned the month after the final court date and mentioned financial security. Very excellent reading. Highly recommend!

✨Such a warm and caring energy from this reader! Really appreciate the insight and guidance. I know what I need to do. :) Recommend getting a reading!

✨Super kind, gave great insight and advice. Thank you!!


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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call,

Local Time: (GMT+00:00) September 22, 2023, 08:38PM


$2.15 per minute (after your approval)

☆☼10min~20$$☼☼15min~27$$ ☼☼20min~35$$☼☼30min~50$$♥☆Be Enlightened☼

My $10 deal:

☆5 Minutes of Specialized Intuitive Session.☆

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22 Sep 2023 excellent ranking saveadog8

Always a pleasure! Have been consulting with Jav for a long time now.

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21 Sep 2023 excellent ranking misscreyon

SUCH ANAZING insight on energies!!! Always spot on accurate!!! Appriciate you so mich Thank Youuu♥️♥️♥️

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20 Sep 2023 excellent ranking misscreyon

Thank You so much for Amazing reading again♥️

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20 Sep 2023 excellent ranking rehelab1

Ultimately amazingly what a reader! Wow. Awesome ... deep understanding and clarification

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18 Sep 2023 excellent ranking Michele Davis  (unregistered)

Helpful always. Thank you.

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