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Welcome! I’m Zuri, a seasoned intuitive reader here to help you make confident decisions in your relationships, finances and career so you can joyfully follow your true life’s purpose.

My sessions combine Tarot, numerology & channeled spiritual guidance to answer every angle to your question. Our session can look at the story of your life via snapshots of what’s going on at the time of your reading and provide direction on the path that is for your highest good.

Ultimately, I believe in interactivity and an honest, compassionate and direct approach. So please be prepared to have an open dialogue with me about what’s going on in your life, so we can dig deep and get you the insights you deserve.

The more specific you can be with your questions, the deeper I can dive in with my guides and angels on your situation.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Certified as:

☀ Usui Reiki Master

☀ Angel Therapy Practitioner

☀ Gateway Dreaming Coach

☀ Intuitive Tarot Reader

☀ Numerologist


25+ years of professional experience. I’ve trained with some of the brightest luminaries in the industry, and bring that wisdom and expertise into my sessions.

Please note: I don’t specialize in locating lost items, nor do I provide legal and health readings since I’m not a licensed professional in those areas.

★★ In order to get the best experience from our session, please be open to the guidance coming through, even if it’s not what you hoped to hear.

My A-team of spiritual allies want the best for you, and don’t sugar-coat if they feel you need to course-correct or open your eyes to a new perspective to get to a place that supports your happiness and success.

★★ A reading will show you the likeliest of outcomes based on the path you’re on today. You are constantly re-writing your future based on the choices and actions you take, so nothing is ever set in stone.

★★ Timing is fluid, so please look at timelines as a window of opportunity, based on the energy at the time of the reading, not as something set in stone. Sometimes the events and outcome may be shown but not an exact timeline of events. Be open to what guidance comes through as I will always be honest and deliver the messages given.

★★ If you don’t like what a reading reveals, it’s up to you to change things. I only deliver what I’m shown intuitively. So please don’t shoot the messenger or rate based on what you hoped to hear.

★★ If you keep an open mind, you will always get the information you are meant to receive from the Universe that’s for your highest good.

Whenever you’re ready, I look forward to being your spiritual guide!

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