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EMAIL READINGS: Love Guidance, Life-Coaching and Spiritual Coaching (LGBTQ individuals warmly welcomed)


I’m Matthew; Since I was a young boy some of my earliest memories are of adults joking that I was an overly sensitive child. Little did they know that I would mature and become a gifted Empath helping others manage romantic, personal and spiritual dimensions of their lives!

Please allow me the privilege of helping guide you through any emotional concerns and spiritual road-blocks. I can advise you on present and future love relationships, such as if you have a future together, or if you should look elsewhere.

While I am new to Bitwine, I have been providing my services locally for over 10 years. I hope I stand out to you because of my warmth, genuine concern and unique perspective on life. Not to mention my devlish sense of humor! :) I am no-nonesense, tell-it-like-it-is, with a soft-touch.

Growing up as a gay man in a conservative environment, I’ve had to be sensitive, aware and engaged with life from the start. I also understand compassion and uncertainty!

(No free readings, no refunds)

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Academics: I have a B.A. in Philosophy/Religion and a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology. I do not offer advice/readings here as a professional counselor though my clinical training and knowledge greatly aids my intuitive abilities, intellectual vocabulary and emotional fluency.

I began to explore my natural-born abilities with friends and then branched out first offering services within the gay and lesbian community. I have always maintained this practice as an adjunct to my other off-line professional life. While I have taken several life-coaching and spiritual coaching courses, I do not honestly believe they have significantly improved my abilities to serve you, though they have given me inspiration to continue with this service.


I have found that my abilities are best expressed, rendered and captured in writing. I provide extremely thorough/articualte readings and advice through email—approximately 350 words (for reference this is one tyoed-page, double-spaced) per question or situation.

I do not believe the limited and hurried window of time in a chat-box is the best way to serve you or my abilities. It does not allow thoroughness and it also costs you more. With a flat-fee for email readings I can provide you with an optimal experience and I can also fit this important work into my life. If you benefit from my work and wish to continue working with me, which is my hope, then it is also a way for us to establish a correspondence which can build over time, to which you can continually refer and from which you can always benefit! This approach makes a great deal of sense to me and hopefully to you as well.

I am new to Bitwine and I look forward to establishing lasting rapport with all! :)

DISCLAIMER & PHILOSOPHY: Honesty and frankness is my policy. I do not make any over-blown claims or pretend to be 100 percent accurate. Remember that readers are human too. I do not define myself with the word "psychic" – I am a highly intuitive empath, coach and advisor. I do not make predictions but I can offer most-likely outcomes based on energies in place at the time of the reading. No guarantees provided. The future is not set in stone (I do not believe in pre-determined fate)— a reading is a glimpse of dimension and time defined by current energies, free will and other variables than can and often do alter events.

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