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I specialize in Twin Flame and Love Healing readings. I also counsel on the ascension process and awakening to your higher self. When your Twin Flame enters your life nothing is the same after and this can really shake up your world. Often the connection is so strong that one person runs from the other. Has this happened to you?

I became deeply psychic and spiritual after a near death experience when I was young. I’ve been meditating and practicing these skills since the age of 11. My ability to read energy was also greatly enhanced when I spent one month in Peru in isolation working with plant spirit energy healers and learning ancient indigenous shamanic healing practices. My third eye was greatly opened during this time period.

Do you have an event that happened in your life where you haven’t felt the same since? I also specialize in soul retrievals and past life regressions working with my spirit animal, the jaguar.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I spent one month in the deep jungle rainforest of Peru during Dec 21 2012 connecting to plant spirits and divine energy. My psychic healer skills were greatly enhanced during this time. I am deeply knowledgable about plant spirit medicine.

I have completed over 1,000 hours of shamanic training.

I have completed the course Awakening the Illuminated Heart from Drunvalo Melchizedek


I have sat in over 100 ceremonies with indigenious healers and am very knowledgable about the awakening process. During this process I have become a highly intuitive energy healer and psychic.

I first became psychic and attuned to energies after a near death experience in college.

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