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Soul Divination w/ Matthew Fry

♢ Moved by soul, Led by heart ♡ Witnessed by mind, Guided by star ☆ Delivering Accuracy. Facilitating Clarity. Committed to Excellency. Deep ~ Detailed ~ Compassionate ~ Honest ~ Helpful… It's an honour & joy to serve! Many ☼✿BLESSINGS✿☼ & much LOVE ❤️


16yrs exp. Accurate, insightful, w/ depth, timeframes & details. Request a ‘General Read" & be AMAZED by what comes through without having to ask any questions.

The intention is to bring through that which your soul wants to know; letting what resonates flow through me to you.

As an energy intuitive and divination expert I can read the energy within and around you responding with profoundly insightful impressions and loving, soulful guidance. I work in partnership with the Universe to deliver empowering, intelligent, timely and relevant messages inspired by a spiritual source.

◦ ° ˚ ☼ ˚ ° ◦

IMPORTANT NOTE: To give you the most excellent service I like to tune-in and prepare before sharing with you live. If you would like to experience a reading, please ‘Start chat’ as-per-usual to share your name, date of birth, and your question or request; once payment has been received (pre-paid only 10min/20min/30min) I will then tune-in for 5min before sharing what is coming through :)

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"Let Divine Truth, Light, and Love expand within me and guide me. I request my Masters & Teachers, Angels and Guides be with me now, & for Truth and Accuracy to be obtained, in the Highest Good of All. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

◦ ° ˚ ☼ ˚ ° ◦

☼ KNOW the nature of a relationship & how the other person thinks & feels about you ☼

☼ DISCOVER the soul connections you share with those in your life & see how you show up for each other, now & in the future ☼

☼ UNDERSTAND the current cycles you or another are experiencing — daily, weekly, monthly, yearly — & learn how to make the most of the influences present ☼

☼ HEAL any apparent discord in your life & gain clarity on whatever situations are troubling you ☼

☼ RECEIVE divine assistance from your infinitely loving & wise spirit guides ☼

☼ REVEAL your soul’s purpose & be enthused with energetics uniquely personal to you, divined as your Soul Signature ☼

◦ ° ˚ ☼ ˚ ° ◦


I was nineteen when I experienced a spiritual awakening, three months into an adventure that had taken me to the other side of the world, far far away from my hometown in England. I had moved to Australia, carefree and living la dolce vita when the rapture happened. For me it was a suspended moment in time where I touched god-consciousness, a profound mystical oneness and incredible opening and realisation that changed me forever. Prior to that moment, although gifted with an abundance of love in my life, I had no conscious spiritual threads, no religion or philosophy, I was a blank canvas in that respect; suddenly painted with an awesome spectrum of majestic colour. For several weeks even my physical vision was enhanced with everything appearing brighter and more lucid. Transformed, reborn, life became deeply magical, and I felt guided in every step I took, feeling that I was here on a mission. I had a purpose for being. Immediately after this awakening I began to seek out anything that would further elucidate what had happened to me, and, over time, this journey of self discovery and spiritual exploration led me again and again to numerous means of divination. I had an unquenchable thirst and burning desire to move forward only by the guidance of my soul, to do what was in alignment with my destiny. I still am this way today, only now part of my destiny is to help quench other’s thirst and feed the fires of their souls with divination and awareness, fresh perspectives and spiritual counsel. I’m living my purpose and dreaming awake, a modern day mystic sixteen years into an amazing spiritual quest, blessed to do my soul’s work, full of love, grace and giftedness.

“I, Matthew Fry, see and draw to me, through Divine Love, those beings who seek enlightenment through my process, the sharing shall elevate us both.” ✨

With all readings it’s my purpose to help open doors of understanding and awareness.

May your awareness grow and along with it, your understanding of your life and your personal happiness too.

There’s no end to the happiness this wishes you!! ☺︎ *

◦ ° ˚ ☼ ˚ ° ◦

♡ Some words from Awesome Clients ♡

"An absolute GEM! You’ll be astounded by Matt’s accuracy, wisdom and compassionate reading. I was left on a high with more soul capital! Thank you."

"What a treasure! Spoke quickly from his heart and shared details that were spot on! A joy and a blessing for anyone seeking clarity and grace in their lives!"

"There are no words. A complete reading on both myself and counterpart. So insightful, compassionate, descriptive. Ty so very much."

"That was such an intense and beautiful reading. It’s expensive, but oh my goodness it’s worth it if you want the bigger picture. This is a reading I know I’ll be looking back on for a long time."

◦ ° ˚ ☼ ˚ ° ◦

It’s always an honour and a pleasure to serve, if you feel a resonance I look forward to connecting more!

Much love,

ღ Matthew

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29 Oct 2022 excellent ranking jkc2700

Excellent reader for those souls who wish to grow by their experiences. I have been getting readings for 40 yrs; very few have the integrity I feel from Matthew. I did 20 minutes for my first ever chat because I read his bio and saw that he took 5 minutes of his own time to make a connection before starting the reading. This is very important to me and a huge positive for Matthew. I will be calling him back on another topic.

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24 Sep 2022 excellent ranking JJ (unregistered)

You are one of a kind! :) Thank you for my reading Matthew, its been everything I needed today so incredibly thorough. I appreciate your honesty and the accuracy in detail. An outstanding experience with you!! Thanks for helping me see clearly. I’ll be returning with more questions :)

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25 Aug 2022 excellent ranking prinku

Good thanks

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24 Aug 2022 excellent ranking sabeen (unregistered)

connects really well and info just flows - would recommend

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28 Jul 2022 excellent ranking addiemoon

He is so good, just wish he wasn’t so expensive

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