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Emma, is a 4th generation psychic reader and spiritual healer that can lead you and guide you in the right direction in every area in your path she can answer any and all questions of life especially matters of the heart. she specializes in love and relationships and business and finances she can lead you to true happiness and true success, through the spirit guides she can tell all she will and can show you a whole new different way to a new path,and help you get to your destiny. you owe it to your self to know what tomorrow holds, were other psychics have failed and werepeople in your life have failed she can pick up the pace and bring you happiness and truth.

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I have found that working with the best spiritual healers in America has given me the most insight, practicing and studying to reach people in their needs, giving them guidance through spiritual advice. through the tarot card.


I am a 4th generation psychic counselor and I have been helping people for 25 years. I owned my own business for 10 years and I have the ability to put you back on track and to make the right decisions in your life.

I have helped so many people by guiding and leading them through spiritual guidance and giving them the true answers to their questions, I can give you the clarity you seek and the answers your looking for through spiritual and through the tarot card. you owe it to your self to seek happiness and to look forward in your path, so do not hesitate to get the answers you’ve been looking for so long, and relieve your confusion by getting your answer to life most questions espacily matters of the heart.

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30 Jul 2019 unsatisfactory ranking thedaysky

I tried out this new reader to me -- what a mistake -- a very disappointing experience. She reads cards and doesn't seem to have any psychic ability at all. Also, did not bother to address my direct questions but went off on a false tangent, denying factual information I gave her.

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10 Jun 2019 unsatisfactory ranking blackwidow_81

Internet went out just as I paid????

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29 Nov 2018 unsatisfactory ranking rachalexandria

Awful don’t waste ur money

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12 Oct 2017 unsatisfactory ranking anlux

She is not a psychic...she fishing here and there. All she said was false. i'm not recently broke up and i'm not hurt. She said i'm interesting in somebody but i'm not. my question was just when i will find my soulmate but she continued with general stuff like lots of people are jealous of me and never answer my question. I asked the refund but she said no. Go away and save you money. In italian "merda" means sh** and i think she picked the right name...

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27 Apr 2016 unsatisfactory ranking sassy72

She wasn't in tune to anything, very horrible reading. Everything she said was wrong even when I told her differently. When I will bring up something, she will say yeah I know, but this, this ,that....she didn't see anything until I told her then she made a comment about it. As I was telling her about an argument we had, she assumed it was him trying to make an excuse to get out but in turn, it was me who did it. Also she stated regarding the relationship that this person was choosing the other person when in turn, they're trying to be here and I'm the one pushing n closing. By the way the person is here now. She started off saying one thing but then turn around to say something totally opposite in the same reading. When I tried to tell her she's wrong and before I could finish trying to tell her what it really was, she tells me no that's it so I just sit back to shack my head.

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