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Advisor Evon

Advisor Evon


Do you have doubt’s in love, business, or career? Call now for the answer’s you seek! Would you like to know what someone’s true thought’s,feeling’s, or intention’s are?,If you’ll get that raise, or find a better career opportunity? With my many year’s of experience along with my gift’s of clairvoyance,clairsentience,and remote viewing I can tell you your future along with obstacle’s that’ll be around you and how to avoid them and/or deal with them in time. I’m also able too use tools of course upon request such as tarto, tea leaf, Crystal reading, aura reading, chakra reading, and many more :) If you were looking for answer’s today contact me for your better tomorrow! I’m not judgmental or unsympathetic to any situation, I’ve helped many from all walk’s of life and look forward to helping you as well. Thank you and blessings :)

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I have over 15 year’s of experience helping and coaching many through life, I do work with the guide’s as well they help pin point troubled area’s in your life to help move things along faster, to help you see certain things that you missed, or just to help you think out of the box on how you can approach thing’s better. I am a third generation psychic spiritually trained by my mother and grandmother. With my god given gift’s I can help you with whatever your situation is. I help thru love,affairs,cheating,soulmate connection’s,spirituality and religion, twin flame connections, breakup and divorce,parents and children,single and dating,marital life, career forecast and much more! Do you want to know what someone is saying behind your back,If their taking you seriously, If their genuine or not. Get the answer’s you seek today. 100% Honest fast and to the point 97.9% accurate


I also have experience helping others with matters concerning:

What is your love’s true intentions,is your love cheating, will He/She leave the other for you,will you ever find your true soul mate I can help you save your relationship & make it stronger, help you get past a broken heart. I can give you the strength and knowledge you need to approach any situation with confidence! knowing the truth is giving your self the gift of peace & Understanding.

I have helped many with many different situation weather it be love and realtionship,money,family problems,cheating,finding journeys,depression,stress and anxiety,sex,healing emotionally,healing spiritually, and healing mentally. there is a lot of uncertainty and doubt in life allow my god given gift to help you!

God has given us the gift of freewill, putting us in control of our own destiny, what we do with that great gift determines our own happiness and pain! Take control of your destiny,call now and find out whats ahead for you!

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25 Oct 2019 unsatisfactory ranking Jenna (unregistered)

She was not fully accurate

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10 Jun 2019 unsatisfactory ranking mari75

I did not feel she was accurately picking up me or my situation

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24 May 2019 unsatisfactory ranking mskay22

This reading was not what I expected seemed to be wrong fake

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01 Feb 2019 unsatisfactory ranking Klove (unregistered)

Fake psychic stole my [email protected]@@@

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21 Nov 2015 unsatisfactory ranking anixon

Hate leaving bad reviews..... As soon as I hung up with this advisor, I received an email from the person in question and we talked for over 3 hours yesterday. So everything that was said was wrong

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