As an Advisor, I will look deep inside and help you find the root problems that have caused you grief or stopped you from moving forward in your life. Situations such as continuous failed relationships, getting stuck in our career and working jobs we hate, holding onto a past love yet knowing that we will never be able to have them, abuse,. Many times, these issues start back in childhood and then flow over into our adult relationships. We set ourselves up for failed relationships because of our fears. We unconsciously pick the wrong partner because of low self-esteem and low confidence because it is a "habit" that we have created for ourselves. It is "familiar" and “safe” because it is all that we know…..Change scares all of us, terribly. Our fears are what make us select the choices that we do. Many times, we need to make small changes in our life that will then help us to grow into the person we are meant to be. These small changes then continue to grow which will eventually lead us to a happier.

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