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From a very young age it was clear that I had inherited the abilities my mother, grandmother and many women before them had possessed. They taught me not to be afraid of the visions, dreams and ability to see the future, but to instead use it for the greater good. Are you searching for greater insight into your life? I can tell you what your partner feels and thinks. Why you feel lost and confused. What your true calling is and what your future holds. I am able to Channel in and feel the energy around you along with the insight me Spirit Guides provide. I also use an old Tarot card deck which has been passed on from my mother. I will provide you with real life solutions to the problems and situations facing you and those around you with integrity. I will not sugar coat anything. I will always tell you the truth, just remember some things that seem negative now, will ultimately be positive if they lead you to your true calling and life path.

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I was born Psychic as all the women in My family for generations have been. caring and compassionate and feels honored to be able to use my gifts to help others. my natural abilities and the knowledge and experience of how to interpret what I see handed down through the generations of My family will amaze you. Call now and connect with Me and let My Spirit Guides guide you.

Master Degree Reiki Practitioner, Usui Shiko Ryoho Reiki Certifications I & II, Usui Shiko Ryoho


Have published many Articles. Many satisfied, repeat clients! Natural born Psychic over 20 years of experience

Reiki: (Pronounced Ray- key) is a Japanese word meaning universal life force energy Ki. This energy surrounds and flows through all living things. When the Ki is depleted the body struggles to heal itself.Reiki restores energy and balance and enables the body to fight infection and maintain a healthier state. Reiki can also reduce pain and discomfort from illness and injuries, decrease depression, and promote relaxation.

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diana.e.w 25 Aug 2015

"Alison is very detailed, straightforward, honest, and quick with her responses. She is also very generous with her time. She read the situation extremely well and gave me great insight for my future! Thank you so much for your time and sharing what is to come!"

miss_texasgal 20 Nov 2015

Awesome, so honest and accurate. She was really an eye opener for me, I appreciate the honesty. I will definitely be back! Give her a chance, u won’t be disappointed!

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01 Nov 2015 excellent ranking lescass

Great Read.

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01 Nov 2015 excellent ranking sara1 (unregistered)

excellent reader, caring, professional, in tune, well worth a reading and very generous with time

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25 Oct 2015 satisfactory ranking mariadriana

Thanks ill keep you posted !!!

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14 Sep 2015 excellent ranking coke1234

She is good advisor and should try her

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09 Sep 2015 excellent ranking chic33

Great reading picked up on everything.

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