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Quick, to the point, blunt, accurate, with a minimal amount of filler. That is the type of service I offer.

In a pay-per-minute environment, time is money. I waste neither time, nor your funds.

My name’s Arvillian, and I’m here to offer you tarot readings on any aspects on your life, be it finance, career, love life, or anything you may require. If you can ask it, me and my deck can answer it.

I can also tap into the wondrous healing properties of the crystals I surround myself with, and send you their benevolent energy, but my main service is tarot reading.

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I have 4 years of experience with my trusty deck, along with an overwhelming rate (98%) of client satisfaction.


The truth is simple: I was born lucky. I was born an empath and a highly intuitive person, quite well attuned with the flow of life, energy, power, whatever you want to call it. I feel it in everything and everyone around me. Even the most mundane of things have stories to share, if you care to listen. The tarot deck is no different.

It’s one thing to know how to use a deck, and it’s another thing to be able to feel the energy of the cards individually, to feel the subtle vibrations beneath the paper.

This property also allows me to establish a link with my clients much more easily, allowing for even more accurate readings.

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Languages: English, Hungarian

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