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My name is Alexander. Being a clairsentient and sixth generation witch makes me a great psychic reader, spiritual coach, and relationship specialist. I have studied under world renown mentors for years and have practiced energy/crystal healing and psychic readings for much longer.

Specializing in love readings and coaching you through difficult decisions, life events, stress. I stand out from other readers because I have a strong connection with my clients. I am not here to mislead you and will not give you the run around. I am a fast typist and if you are here for some sugar coating then I will let you know that we will not be compatible. My readings are always straight forward and affirmation based.

My main objective is to provide you with the answers that you seek. Let my reviews speak for themselves!!


CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Coming from a very gifted family of readers and healers, has given me the opportunity of being around gifted individuals my whole life. This has helped me to provide my clients with accurate and insightful readings. I do not require any information, but names and dates of birth.

I have been taking quite a few classes and trained under very gifted individuals. I specialize in readings and divination.

Allow me to provide you with the answers you seek.

My spirit guides, angel guides, and I have also been working together for a few years now. We have a very strong spiritual connection.


-Love Guidance and Relationship Specialist

-Psychic Reading

-Spiritual Coach

-Gifted Clairsentient

-Meditation & Chakra Alignment

-Usui Reiki Practitioner

-Tarot Reader

I have worked with all sorts of individuals from all types of backgrounds.

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23 Mar 2021 satisfactory ranking luv2

I’m not sure we connected . Sounds like picking up someone else or past stuff in reading . Sorry . Was hard to say this time . I felt I was giving most info and not getting anything from it . Pleasant to talk to .

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24 Nov 2020 satisfactory ranking lulo321

10$ for 1 minute. Whew .. I don’t even know if he really connected.

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05 Nov 2020 satisfactory ranking twinlights122


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29 Feb 2020 satisfactory ranking maryvilla

He was okay . I guess he didn’t really connected to my situation ,.. the guy I was talking about , we never dated so how can he by my first love ? Lol a bit vague his response but , Nice reader just not for me .

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23 Jun 2019 satisfactory ranking bunnyqueen

There wasn't too much info for the amount and time charged, a few sentences here and there, didn't give me much confidence as answers did not seem solid, some parts I was given an answer, and then other parts were up to free will, basically anything is up to free will if you want to put it that way. Expected a more in-depth and solid reading, rather than just possibilities, it was okay overall. Also felt like answer was altered to question when I gave more info, questionable and didn't leave me with much confidence.

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