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Is He/She Your True Soulmate?

Will They Come Back?

Do You Want To Know What They Are Thinking?

Are You REALLY Compatible?

I am an empath and Intuitive Tarot Card Reader and Numerologist.

I Love The Tarot and the Depth That It Holds and I Combine All My Skills In A Reading.

My Particular Expertise Is In Relationship Readings.

I have a natural ability using my Spirit Guides, empathy, life experience and Tarot To Cut Through All The "Fluff" and Get To The Heart Of The Situation and Give You Honesty and Clarity.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I am a psychic empath which means I can feel what other people are feeling and thinking.

I am able to enter someones aura and explore another persons feelings and experience of life.

I provide accurate and honest relationship readings and can tune into yours or anybody elses energy without meeting them or even speaking to them.

So if you need honest and compasionate guidance or healing for your heart? You have come to the right place! I put my heart and soul into my readings and will enable you to find clarity and also empower you to make decisions for yourself.

In our reading together I will be drawing upon my years of experience with the tarot and my psychic empath skills.

I always provide my clients, to the best of my ability genuine and honest readings using empathy, intuition, tarot and numerology. I will help you find a positive solution to your problems.


Natural Psychic Empath

Clairsentient (feeling)

Tarot Card Reader for many years.

Experienced numerologist.

Experienced counsellor and healer.

Readings are always about what can be not what will be YOU always have the power of free will to change your life. You already have done by considering a reading.

To get the best out of your reading it is better if you only ask one question at a time as I will put my energy out into the universe to find the answer for you. I will also be taking energy in so to gain more clarity and concise answers I need to focus on one energy at a time.

Also try and be specific. I can understand that some people don’t want to give out too much information for fear of "being tricked". For example a question such as "does my boyfriend dislike me" would be better re-phrased as "what do I need to know about my relationship"?

I do not do readings regarding health,lottery, pregnancy, fertility, legal or financial matters.

As a very experienced tarot card reader who is genuinely interested in helping you with your problems and ALWAYS overdelivers I do not do free readings.

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