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Hi I am a numerology tarot reader as well as reiki practitioner. I am a medium in training and aim to offer guidance to others on their life journey. I work with your name and birthdate to provide you with insight into your year head to assist others with obstacles they may face or are currently facing. I use rider-waite tarot cards with a combination of numerology as a tool of guidance in my readings. I have been brought up in a family of psychic tarot readers so have been surrounded by this my whole life.

I strictly DO NOT focus on health issues, legal matters, affairs, death or any negatives in an individuals life.

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Reiki 1 qualification, Numerology Tarot reader, Medium in training.


I have been brought up with my family as spiritual psychic readers. I was able to channel spirit from when I was young and had the ability to read jewellery, photos etc. I work part time in a spiritual centre with face-to-face interaction performing reiki treatments and readings.

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