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Simon Bloom

Tarot, Astrology, Spiritual Insight, Karmic Instruction


Before you try my services make sure you are ready for the honest truth and the choices you have to make for your future happiness.

For over 30 years I have read, studied and taught Tarot. I have my own Tarot/Astrology for people who would like to learn more and possibly become a Tarot reader in their own right. It is all FREE and everyone is welcome to join.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Although my career has been in IT, Computers and Networking since 1982 when I left the British forces as a qualified guided missile engineer and lecturer, I have, over the past 5 years developed a unique business (U-Business). This has been designed to help and assist local businesses in understanding customers needs and how to benefit from good customer service. I worked for the British government for several years in their design of computer help desks and supported them to their fruition. Technically my achievements to date are - Guided weapons systems, Telecoms (BT), Systems Design (RAC – CARS Project), Management and Business Consultancy, Lecturer, Developing managers in their working environment and the need for a better customer service by the Business Industry in general.


Over 30 years of Tarot reading, Teaching and Learning. I have read for people from all over the world and made many, many friends within the profession.
I am regarded as very accurate and have read for some very famous and professional people.

I indulge in Astrology but am far from being an expert such as Robert Hand. My other areas of expertise are counselling and understanding a persons needs and wants, through a special thought process system, designed and tested by myself.
Since 2001 I have developed a Tarot training program which uses a system of unique training methods which allows the student to become aware of the whole concept of Tarot in a very short space of time. This enables the student to become quickly confident in how to use the Tarot.
I am studying Kabbalah and enjoy learning about Karma and the day-to-day experiences I encounter through my profession.

I have travelled round the world and visited many countries which has allowed me to gain many insights and interests by understanding different cultures.
I am self-taught and truly believe that Tarot is not a predictive tool but a counselling system used by people to see and understand the present and past situations in a persons life through the divination aspects (images, colours etc) of the cards and using psychic intuition.

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