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Psychic_Nikki∞ Certified Spiritual Consultant, Life Coach, Spiritualist, Love Expert and Psychic, God Gifted Healer And Advisor , Helping Spiritual Believers For Over 20+ Years! Get Honest Answers That You DESERVE!, Not What You Wanna Hear! ∞


*Are you searching for love?

Are you broken -hearted?

Are you in an unfaithful relationship or your relationship has gone bad?

Want that special feeling of love back like it was when you two first met?

If you are having severe love issues and need a psychic reader to tell u the truth, don’t wait another day the problem is not going to go away on its own. i can help you with peace of mind & get honest Answer’s

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Certified as a Master Psychic 1983

❤ Master of METAPHYSICS 1987

❤ Registered Clairvoyant Certificate 1991

❤ Registered Psychic Certificate 1992

❤ Registered Tarot Advisor Certificate 2000

❤ Registered Spiritualist Certificate 2001

❤ Master In The Art Of Tarot Reading 2003



I am a third generation natural born psychic. I have helped many on their journey to happiness and success restoring relationships, giving advice on career forecast, Infidelity thru partners, soul mate searching etc. In the past I have worked with a spiritual partner to bring my spirit guides to the fullest extent and master my abilities and I have achieved that ! I am able to help you get on your right path to having a successful relationship, marriage, career, finances. so that you can have a sense of clarity beyond the obstacles you may be stressing or worrying about within your present, so you can have a peace of mind for your future

! PLEASE Only serious inquires, I will NOT provided FREE sessions.

negative reviews are from clients whom just cannot handle the truth, or are looking for a fairytale ending. I am straight forward and I am not here to tell you something just to make you feel good, I am here to give you the truth.

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10 Oct 2016 unsatisfactory ranking loveiskey

I asked for a $10 reading she was very nice just don't feel she connected with my spirit kept saying negative was in my love area and suggest a cleanse...maybe she'll be great for someone else just wasn't the one for me

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05 Sep 2016 unsatisfactory ranking mandychore

Disappointed. She offered a 35min $10 reading, then she said it was only a basic reading. She then offered an 'in depth' reading for $25. I accepted that thinking she would help me, but after only a couple of mins she said if I pay $175, she can 'break down my wall'. I asked that she continue the reading as agreed (and paid for!), but she said she couldn't help me further because she needed to 'clear my blockage'. Again, I said I couldn't accept and to carry on with the current reading, but she then said I can't help but you can pay me $100 now and the rest later. I hung up. This woman is a con-artist! Don't use!

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28 Aug 2016 unsatisfactory ranking caramelcandy

I dont feel like I had a real connection. She started talking about witch craft at the end. Its hard to find advisors on here that are will to just answer the questions you ask and no mumbo jumbo. Bitwine makes guidelines about customers paying when they need to make stricter guidelines to weed out the real psychics on here from the fake ones.

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25 Aug 2016 unsatisfactory ranking iamadama

Ummmmm what's going on here? I'd love to get a reading but I was hung up on. I'm hoping this wasn't on purpose. If so I want my money back.

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28 Jun 2016 unsatisfactory ranking sammers

Went right away lto having to break down walls.

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