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✨Azengeds 3rd Eye✨

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You get what you pay for that simple honest Empathic❤️“Experience the Extraordinary: I will connect first with unseen energies to reveal your path, answer burning questions. +Read Reviews✨

Love, Career, Money Advice.

Able pick up on your energy profile quickly

My Name is Azengeds (Azen gets It)

I have the gift of visions that allow me to see into the astral sphere of the questions you ask. Try me note: One of my “Bonuses” I give in my readings is to give you this same gift to help you and your life succeed and flourish.

I sort of teach “Psychic 101” class in a sense along with helping you with love, career & money…etc (Like, Share, Link)

My “goal” is to stay empathic and understanding while giving your reasonable advice not just using intuition however, I also use logic in my readings and give the good and bad so you have a well rounded reading.

✨Use for Entertainment & Recreation Only.

✨Cannot Give Legal, Medical & Health Advice.

✨Thank you for your understanding.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

You get what you pay for that simple honest Empathic and straightforward!✨

My Background

12 years of experience

A Spiritual Guide

I’m well practiced in the psychic clairvoyant gift I try to use logic with my readings and help uplift clients and give them advice.

There have been times I’m able to close my eyes and see images or visions of information. I’ve been able to do remote viewing and gain insight into people’s lives and give quick information.

Give Detailed information even time frames numbers dates and percentage of accuracy or likely hood of the prediction to come true.

I’ve been practicing on and off since I was 18 I’ve helped way more people than what the what the testimonials say.

Please See My Testimonials on the Testimonial Button. (Reviews)

Your Psychic,

( Azengeds )


✔✨I’m very adept in the art of Guidance and spiritual well-ness and awakening as well as getting in touch with your guides

General Readings Clairvoyance , life advice & Financial insights , also & love.✨

You get what you pay for that simple honest Empathic and straight forward!

I use logic in my readings

@ Men ,Woman or family want a little yaz in you zzaz well ill interest you into Azengeds!!! rite now SO OFFER NOW a min also i connect with in seconds and i do answer questions atleast one so i know you know im connected

I’m Not a medical specialist so please dont ask medical question. But will offer support

some testimonials-

He is right on about every thing and thanks! " ... written by firewitch

He is the truth.. will recommend" ... written by CDMIXERS

Enjoyed my talk with Azengeds. You have given me lots to think about. Very kind and thoughtful. Hope to talk with you again." ... written by brucel

He really helped get a clearer understanding about everything, and was spot on. i had the chance to ask a lot of questions, and he didn’t get bothered by that either :) lol will definitely come back once i can get more credits! " ... written by mashuhbear

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