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Dear Brothers & Sisters My Name Is Shirley Demitro I Am A Born Again Pentacostal Christian Since 1979 And I Am A Gypsy Romany Christian. Welcome And May God’s Grace Shine Upon You.We Are At The End Times Right Now, And Salvation Is Extremely Important To Us And Our Loved Ones…The Book Of The Bible Meaning Is B.I.B.L.E. Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth The Lord Jesus Wants Us To Repent For Our Sins Because We Can Be Sin less Like Him And Also Follow His Foot Steps And Plant Our Seeds To Help Others. Because In Just A Blink Of An Eye The Rapture Will Take Place And If We Are Not Ready And Not Willing We Will Not Go.This Is Why People Like Me Are Here To Help.7 Days Without The Word Of God Makes 1 Weak. Satan Tries To Defy Our Soul He Comes To Lie Cheat and Deceit Gods Chosen People,So That We Won’t Have Our Names Written In The Book Of Life, And That We Won’t Make It To Heaven On Judgment Day.Please Call Upon Me To Help Guide You The Right Way All That I Earn 10% Will Be Given To 700 Club As Tithes

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