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I am a clairsentient. This means that I can feel beyond the physical realm, such as emotions, sensations, or energies. I have been gifted with this ability since I was a child, and I have learned to use it to help myself and others. which why I specialize in the love area and all emotional situations. This helps me to connect with you on a deeper level and provide you with compassionate and honest guidance I combined my ability with My cards is to better interpret what spirit is wanting you to know about your situation.

A reading with me is a safe, supportive, and empowering experience. I will help you to explore your questions and concerns and offer you honest and compassionate advice. I will also share with you tips and techniques to enhance your intuition, protect your energy, and align with your soul purpose.

My mission is to empower you to make positive choices and create the life you desire.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

- Provided accurate and compassionate guidance on various topics such as love, career, health, finances, spirituality, and more.

-Completed a comprehensive course that covered the fundamentals & practiced psychic exercises and techniques to improve accuracy, confidence, and intuition.

-Ability to use intuition and empathy to connect with clients and provide guidance and clarity

-Ability to use tarot cards, crystals, or other tools to enhance the readings and offer additional insights

-Ability to protect one’s energy, enhance one’s intuition, and align with one’s soul purpose

-Training and certification in clairsentience, tarot card reading, reiki healing, or other related fields

-Passion for helping others find balance, clarity, and peace in their lives

- Established a loyal clientele base and received positive feedback


I am someone who grew up in a mystical family, where I was exposed to various forms of spirituality and divination. I have learned from my family members about different traditions, practices, and beliefs, such as astrology, numerology, palmistry, runes, crystals, and more.

I have always been a sensitive and emotional child. I could easily sense the feelings and moods of the people around me, even without them saying a word. I could also feel the energy and atmosphere of different places, such as the warmth of my home, the excitement of the playground, or the solemnity of the church.

I discovered that I had clairsentient abilities, or the ability to feel beyond the physical realm. but it also made me feel closer to my Spirituality and more aware of the spiritual dimension of life. Since then, I have learned to use my gift to help myself and others, by empathizing with their feelings, healing their wounds, and sensing their energies.

I’m a kind & generous person, but please don’t take advantage of me and my time. if you aren’t happy with your reading, please say so from the beginning if you don’t feel connected, i will always try to make it right. ❤ (NOTE): IF For any reason, you do not see me typing in chat after 1-2 minutes, that means I am having technical difficulties with chat. I recommend To either wait for it to come back up to speed, or to end chat call back And you will be reimbursed for the time that went. FOR ANY CHARGEBACKS/DISPUTES THAT YOU MAKE TO PAYPAL, YOU WILL BE REPORTED TO BITWINE, I CAN ASSURE YOU THAT YOUR WHOLE TRANSCRIPT OF YOUR READING WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, PRICING, MONTH, DAY AND TIMING, WHETHER YOU ARE REGISTERED ON BITWINE OR NOT, WILL BE SENT TO PAYPAL FOR FURTHER INVESTIGATION SO THAT PAYPAL CAN MAKE A CHOICE ON WHETHER YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK. BUT TO FALSELY SAY YOU DIDN’T GET THE READING WILL SHOW OTHER WISE ON YOUR WHOLE TRANSCRIPT :) Have a Blessed Day

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