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Predictions (I call them Events). Compassionate and non Judgmental reader here. All are welcome!


I do not offer Q&A

I will not be taking any new clients for a while

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10 Events for $85



OUTCOMES: You and John Reunite and discuss why you Broke up. You and John are Together NOW, Not Broken Up! I see Outcomes, Not current Situations, Clearly You are heading for a Breakup and Reunion

NAMES OF PEOPLE YOU DON’T KNOW: I read The Future, Names (First and Last) Will come in, You won’t always recognize them

I WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THIS GUY: Let me stop you right there, Events are Random, I cannot Predict (haha) what subjects will come in, Burning Questions about ..whatever, should be asked of a different reader

YOU TOLD ME ABOUT A ROMANCE WITH SOMEONE NEW, NOT MY POI: Indicating that You and Your Poi will not last and that someone new will come along

GLOOM AND DOOM READINGS: Perception Matters. Telling a Client that her best friend would be getting married soon is good news to me, Bad to her as she wanted to be the first to get married

THE EVENTS WERE SUPER VAGUE AND/OR MADE NO SENSE AT ALL: Sadly, That can Happen. Sometimes Events that do not make sense at all make perfect sense later, if You NEED everything to connect, call someone else

VAGUE DOES NOT BENEFIT ME: Then Try to look at the events as FUN, Again if you NEED an Outcome, call someone else!

TIMELINES/ORDER: Clients have reported Events happening in as little as a few minutes to 3 Years, Events are often out of Order as well

I NEED CLARIFICATION: Sure, Let’s chat after the Events have been read, I cannot look for Names that didn’t come in or Provide extra Information though

I HEARD YOU ASK FOR A SILLY CODE BEFORE READING EVENTS: Not only is it important that you have read the disclaimer to fully understand how the events work as they can be very confusing the first time, Its important to me that I have a new and honest client, The code is Jelly


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21 Feb 2022 unsatisfactory ranking bearhands

Very bad energy

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28 Jun 2021 unsatisfactory ranking patrice06

I was lost …I understood wat he was sayin but idk

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23 Jun 2021 unsatisfactory ranking milanrashida

Everything was so negative. I am not sure any of what he said will happen but we will see. All 10 were so negative I wanted something positive as well but hey this is what I get for listening to reviews and going forward with this crap!

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12 Jan 2021 unsatisfactory ranking cm3295

I know "events cannot be focused on". However, none of my events were about love or career :/ They were honestly random sentences anyone on the street could have came up to me and told me. It's also interesting that others can focus in on certain people or situations, but he can't and won't :/ Sadly I would save your money on this one.

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10 Sep 2020 unsatisfactory ranking jenny713

did not resonate with me at all, will call back if event happened

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