THE REAL DEAL!! Know what you don't know! How he feels? Is she the right one? What is my life/career path? Need help? In the dark? I can shine a light for you ! I GET RESULTS!


Imagine being in the dark and lost and someone shining a light for you. I AM THAT LIGHT!! I GET RESULTS!!!!

I am empathic with clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience who gives clear, accurate answers along with an action plan to achieve goals regarding love and relationships, career and money, and family issues.

We can remove blocks to a successful life through theta healing, reiki, EFT, and many other energy healing modalities. I give loving guidance through my awe inspiring guides and angels and am looking forward to helping you.

20 years experience using the awesome gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, along with tested empathic abilities to open new doors for clients who are challenged with life’s hurdles. Whether you have questions about love and relationships, career and finance, or family issues, my guides and angels will help you get the life, love and career you desire!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

MS Psychology, Reiki Master, Certified Theta Healer, NLP Practitioner, Golden Grid Healer, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Transformational Life Coach, Health Coach, Career Coach, Dating/Relationship Specialist, EFT Practitioner


NO ISSUE TOO BIG OR SMALL!! Whether you need to know how someone feels about you, how to move on after a break up, what’s coming up in love, career, finance, and health, whatever the problem or block there is a solution!

If you have been through or are going through a breakup and there is hope, I will tell you how to get him/her back. If it isn’t meant to be, I will tell you that too and help you get over the old and onto the new. AND I will help you get into the RIGHT relationship for you!!

If career or money is your issue, we dig to the heart of your money story and find out what might be blocks to having the career or money you really want to attract to you.

Health issues got you down?? Come to a true medical empathy who happens to be a Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Holistic health Coach. We can take a look at the health problems from a highly psychic and sensitive level and then formulate an action plan to get you on the road to vibrant health again!

Come to me today to step up to the amazing life you think is out of your reach!

NOTE: $10 deal is for new clients only!

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call,

Local Time: (GMT+02:00) November 28, 2022, 01:34PM


$9.99 per minute (after your approval)

10 minutes $35. 20 minutes $65. 30 minutes $90

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25 Jul 2015 unsatisfactory ranking Quinn (unregistered)

She focused too much on what I couldn't do and on something I said as a joke. I wanted to find out something and I'm still none the wiser

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19 Jun 2015 unsatisfactory ranking supersweetie12

If it was the one truth that I knew for sure was that he is not a guy that chats online. the other things did make sense but I know he dont even use whatsapp ect. So idk....HE IS NOT A READER.."Sweetie reader say he has feelings but he has blocked my number n wont answer my ca;ll 07:09AM" ..i said other readers...NEVER SAID HE LOVED ME..u said..." Zhohara You know, he's got feelings that do exist for you.... I mean you do have a connection.... 07:11AM "I wanted to know the truth.. .STOP JUSTIFYING YOUR LIES

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07 Apr 2015 unsatisfactory ranking aheart4caring

This lady was saying some crazy stuff. She went arouind in a circle and said you do not want to hear what I am saying. Most of the things made no sense she did not connect and I told her.

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12 Oct 2014 unsatisfactory ranking geminisoul

Very Disappointing..for the last few readings they didnt add up to anything...that was disappointing. I think it's as if she uses your flaws against you and some how puts her insecurities or her issues in them.....I don't care if she says writes anything negative because its her way of getting back at someone or she may say oh you cant handle the truth, or you didnt do this or that and etc and blah blah blah, at this point people ITS YOUR LIFE, live it the way you want to! GODBLESS..I have learnt my lesson here!!

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