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Hoodoo Root Doctor, Conjure of the South, and Readings from a Conjure Working Healer with Generations of Knowledge About Spirit, Magic, and Working With The Saints


I am a born Psychic, Native American descendant. I come from a very in-tune psychic family and have deep roots to the original Hoodoo root doctor conjure methods from my grandparents as well as deep clairvoyant and empathic connections to Spirit. I provide detailed and accurate advice that comes directly from Spirit, and each reading that I do is specific to you and fostered through Spirit.

I work with the saints to perform powerful magic, known as Hoodoo. I base my experience and work on the Bible and have my gifts directly from God.

I relay the messages as I receive them and I do not sugar coat what messages come to me. I give honest and heartfelt readings, and offer my own unique perspective in my readings as Spirit and my personal guides give them to me. Past life information is a specialty of mine, as well as the energetic and physical connections that those past lives have upon you in the present, including bodily manifestations and blockages in your energy and auric fields.

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Published Author, Hoodoo and Rootwork Doctor, Reiki Master, Ordained Minister, Master Hypnotherapist, Massage Therapy, Tarot Teacher, Palmistry Teacher, Crystal Healing, Past Life Regression Therapy, Dream Interpretation, Spells and Magical Workings


I am descended on several family lines from Native Americans, including the powerful Shawnee Chief Cornstalk. I have been raised in a psychic/Spiritualist environment my whole life with a very strong tie within my family of psychics and healers.

I work with the saints to perform powerful magic, known as Hoodoo. I base my experience and work on the Bible and have my gifts directly from God.

I have a strong connection to Spirit and many guides to assist and can help you find your own guides as well. I am very honest in all messages that I receive from Spirit! I will not deceive you nor sugar coat the messages for you. Let me help you to find the answers that you need, and let me re-connect you to the energy and the flow that Spirit makes available for you. I practice authentic Native American Shamanic healing and vision, and am a practicing Spiritualist. I will truly tell you what Spirit has for me to relay and any messages that come through I will relay as they are presented.

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I have many years of magical experience in the areas especially of spells and making manifestations for a better life in all areas.

I understand the correspondences and energetic connections that all things have with each other and how to better facilitate those connections in order to create change in the environment around me. My magic is powerful and effective!

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