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I have been away for awhile. During that time, I furthered my studies to assist my clients in gain the truth and guidance. I went deep into training learning every possible way to assist you in your search for truth. Whatever your concern maybe, I am here to help you. I have trained with the best and earned my doctorates, I have honed my skills to assist you in life.

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PhD in Spiritual Psychology and Counseling Holistic Wellness Practioner Clinical Hypnotherapist Life Coach 37 Certifications Personal Trainer Sports Nutritionist Childhood Obesity Specialist


I have spent the last year dealing with some health issues and using the time to further my abilities. I have studied indepth, the ways to change the future if it needs to be. Let me assist you. The things that I have learned this past year will transform your life. I have over 20 years of experience helping and guiding others in private practice, live shows and online. I have worked in legal cases, investigations and counseling. You don’t have to be stressed and worried. I am a 5 star adviser on 2 other lines and have 20 years of experience helping others thru phone, chat and private sessions. I am now embarking on a journey to teach what I have learned this past year. If you can’t make it in person, I will be happy to assist you online. I am currently taking over a series of training sessions for another adviser and doing live shows as well. But I am here to assist you online

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12 Jan 2015 unsatisfactory ranking riljor

very short with answers! Predictions were off!

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07 Dec 2014 unsatisfactory ranking k71190

We had a really good relationship the last couple of days, and then something just snapped because Dr. Christin became very hostile and rude. Sarcasm is not appropriate. Attacking my vulnerabilities is not appropriate. Assuming some absolutely authority on karma and ethics is not appropriate. There is no universal morality outside of love and light- everything else is a social construct. Pull it together. So, friends, I would not recommend Dr. Christin to folks who have inquiries about anything outside of the Western cultural paradigm. It's not worth the pain.

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10 Nov 2014 unsatisfactory ranking lesia

Very poor reader....very vague...prepare to disappointed....I would have respected him more if he would have said there was no connection instead of wasting my time and money

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15 Oct 2014 unsatisfactory ranking saira

Very crap reading! Didn't answer any of my questions in detail at all! Just one worded answers! Took forever to reply then when he did he told me I was out of time! Wouldn't recommend at all!!

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06 Feb 2013 unsatisfactory ranking white2rose83

update i had written nice things about her but i was looking forward to this weekend because of her predictions and today my life was destroyed emotionally. It was so painful and she said he was going to express his feelings romantically and it was the total opposite. Don't play like that we are humans it hurts. :(

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