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Andrea is a dedicated Spiritualist who takes all her clients issues seriously with care and compassion. She discovered her gift at the early age of eight. After so many years of growing into her gift and maturing it, she has been able to help many people with their problems. She is able to help solve all types of problems regarding: love, business, success, family and health through her spiritual consultations, guidance in prayer and meditation. Andrea is willing to help clients in every aspect. she has insight and willingness to succeed. she is determined and confident at resolving your issues.

she specialize in love. •Specializing in relationships •Matters of the heart •Reuniting the separated •Restoring happiness •Determining compatibility.

Career and business consultations are welcomed; she’s more than able to provide results to questions or concerns. and will give you the confidence and willingness to press forward with decisions.


I was given a gift when I was very young from my mother, since I was a child I was able to see into other peoples future.

All readings with Andrea are private and confidential

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10 Dec 2015 unsatisfactory ranking neary978

You left the chat without saying a word.

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30 Sep 2015 unsatisfactory ranking happyorange2

don't really want to leave a red review... but i would really want to know how many were told that they will reunite with the ones they love -- because Andrea said "that person is meant to be in your life"... after I had the reading from Andrea last night, I then went on few forums. One of those has a post which comments about the readers.... two of the ladies there got the same experience --- reading from Andrea that the person being asked is "meant to be in your life" ... (the predictions never happened to them) mmm. i wish some readers can stop giving false hope... and understand karma. (p.s. unlike few other accurate readers, I did not feel connection with Andrea. i did not tell her .. i just wanted to be polite.. but until i found out the similar script I received like others')

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04 Sep 2015 unsatisfactory ranking d06

I'm sorry but did not find the reading helpful. It was generic as far as i'm concerned, "you'll have options, educate yourself to make the right decision" it took several minutes to get the answer for my question. We did not connect, such things happen. good luck x

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20 Jul 2015 unsatisfactory ranking positivity00

A very nice person, so this isn't a testament to her personality or professionalism...however, prediction did not come true. Predicted that I would have contact with a certain male in question; instead, he ignored me and slept with with my cousin. :(

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