Destiny Amor


I can offer you insight, timeframes, and guidance on your romantic partner or loved ones. I can deliver messages from your spirit guides.

I cannot connect with one particular spirit on demand. If a spirit comes through with guidance or a message, I will relay it.

I am fairly accurate with timeframes and telepathic thoughts. I am an empath, clairaudient, and clairvoyant. My speciality is clairaudience and with the dealing of love and emotions.


I have been enlightened on my spiritual path for some time now and I am very comfortable with the lifestyle. I am a turned agnostic into a full believer into the other side. My spiritual awakening had risen from a very traumatic heartbreak. Now I feel I am here to help you throughout your own journey. Lets take a walk into the jungle of answers we call life, whether negative or positive, to lead you on the right roads to the outcome that we want! : )

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call,

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