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★✰Hii!✭ my name is Scarlett Cayden♥!By age 15, my mother had me working with her in a spiritual bookstore, where I realized I was truly blessed with the gift of being a psychic.I am a natural gifted psychic through my family gene pool, as my mom is a very well known psychic and she promises that my gift is stronger than hers. Relationship reading inquiries always gravitate towards me, which is how I met most of my clients :) and I do not mean just love, but family and friend situations as well. Also, any insecurities or addictions of ANY sort you may have.

My energies are infectious! I will not sugar coat. I am very compassionate, loving, and proliferate VERY POSITIVE ENERGY! Must see with your own eyes!I would not trade this gift that God has given me. Being a psychologist only enhances my God given gift.

You will be amazed at my accuracy and I would absolutely LOVE to take the time to speak with you! I truly trust my guides to allow me the ability to deliver the messages that are intended for you.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

⭐Florida State University Graduate with a Masters in Psychology.

⭐Florida College of Natural Health with an aesthetics medical license and meditation courses.

⭐Certified nutritionist.

⭐ Life coaching and Spiritual coaching.

⭐As I began my career as a psychic the spiritual world would not let me go. I have found that by receiving my degree in psychology it was meant to enhance my psychic readings.


♥ Works alongside Lady Kathryn (my mother)

♥ I come from GENERATIONS of PSYCHICS and SPELL CASTERS. My great grandmother was Cherokee Indian and passed much of her experiences and knowledge down to my mother, who in turned has used that to help me expand my own personal gift. Specializing in: Family Advice

Relationship Advice


Breakup and Divorce

Cheating and Affairs


Parents and Children

Psychic Reading

Love and Sex

Career Advice

Dating Advice

Karma and Past Life

♥I am also a life coach where my psychology degree greatly enhances my abilities as a spiritual coach.

♥ 3 years experience as a psychic radio host with Lady Kathryn and continuing onto 4th!

♥ Age 12 started reading for friends.

♥ Age 15 part time work in a spiritual book store.

♥ Age 18 Worked for Keen as a part time job to assist me with my school costs. I hope that some of you remember me from Keen. I remember many of you.

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24 Feb 2017 satisfactory ranking ebik

She told me to send her a follow up message& promised me she would reply but she hasnt. Doesn't always answer my questions during reading even though I ask multiple times. I keep trying to book reading with her when it says she is free and she somehow seems to always be in the middle of another reading. Not sure why it's saying she is available. Pretends to care but so far has not replied to my message as she promised . Very disappointed with her service.

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25 Mar 2016 satisfactory ranking meta222

nice person. right on the money for some parts, a little vague in others. but overall a good reading

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17 Jan 2016 satisfactory ranking heartsblood_

She was really good, but we got cut off and then she wrote me back and then I wrote her back to finish reading and i haven't heard back from her.

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14 Dec 2015 satisfactory ranking alyssia (unregistered)

very good reading. she gave me light on my relationship. I cant wait to see what happens with us! thank you!!

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03 Dec 2015 satisfactory ranking kg22

Although Scarlett left the chat very suddenly her reading though was very accurate and enlightening. Wish what she told me to come true. Many blessings to you Scarlett

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