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Michie Reigle



There ARE ways to get out of the darkness if you are feeling. There IS light you can feel peaceful, secure and protected.

No more worries…let’s find out what we can do together.


Since little kid, I started hearing and seeing something different from other people do. Accepted that was just natural and peaceful. When I was 20 or so, started learning from 2 great psychic readers how to read Tarot cards to show what I got from the people in a easier and imaginable way. Started reading for the people in Japan after that. About 8 years ago, I moved to US and did the reading for some people even without using any cards anymore. I had 2 cats before getting married and when I went to see their vet, I felt really strong energy from the new clinic. Started having headache and some visual. I didn’t say anything but next day, the vet doctor called me and asked me if I had felt anything. I told what happened to me as soon as I stepped into the clinic. She told me what had been happening and problems they had had since she bought that place. She asked me for help even she didn’t know I can see the things. I told what I felt at that time. They were all dead pets by mistakes of the previous cruel owner and they just wanted to be noticed and loved one more time. They are harmless. just innocent babies. Put some foods, water and toys and tell them they can stay there as long as they want but they have some better place to go and can come back to someone who will care about them a lot. Soon after that, she was able to open the clinic officially and all of mysterious things stopped. Last year, got Reiki master and also training to communicate with animals from 2 masters. My friends ask me when they get some problems or something they can’t handle or something spiritual. Recently, those things started happening more and more and I thought it might be a time to share this gift with more people.

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