Love Guidance Alexandria is here to help you above & beyond, with all problems regarding Love, career, family, health etc… Alexandria Specializes in all matters of love, Does He/She Love me, Is He/she Cheating Alexandria tells all and doesn’t sugarcoat, Alexandria is known for reuniting lovers in a matter of days, Alexandria is very sincere, compassionate, caring, & loving for helping people through there toughest times, Alexandria Looks into your past, present & future and tells you everything she foresees, Alexandria is very detailed and quick,Do you have questions about?

1} Does this Person have Feelings for me? 2} Does this Relationship have Potential? 3} Where are my Partner’s Thoughts at? 4} Will my Marriage/Relationship last? 5} Will we be able to Reunite? 6} Will I find my Soul-mate? 7} Can I Trust my Partner? 8) When will I find love? Let me help answer these questions and Don’t let these QUESTIONS be a stress in your life and find out the truth today!Give her a call now for a better tomorrow,

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

have been utilizing my clairvoyant skills and practicing Tarot since I was 8 years old.

- Ordained Minister, 2008

- Reiki Master, 2009

- Aromatherapy Certification, 2009

- Psychic and Tarot Certification, 2007

I am currently working on a degree in Spirituality and Religion!

I possess both clairvoyant and empathic skills. With the help of my spirit guides and angels, I am able to both see and her the outcomes of your future, as well as provide you with the best possible advice and course of action! I am also able to provide detailed spirit guide readings and dream analysis. I have been studying these subjects since I was a young girl, and can give the truth that you have been searching for! With my empathic skills on hand, I am able to sense your true feelings, as well as the true feelings of those around you in order to offer you the best reading possible.


Alexandria Offers an array of different service not suite your needs. Readings offered are: Psychic Tarot cards Astrology Palm Crystal energy Aura Transcripts Past Life Meditation & Spiritual healing: Guided one on one meditation session to heal and obstacles or issues Chakra Balancing Reunites lovers. I can not offer free readings I am sorry. I will not sugarcoat my readings either. I will be as gentle and kind in my delivery as possible but you will get the honest truth from me and nothing more. I will give you answers to your questions base on what I see NOT on what you want to hear. NOTE MY RATE WILL GO UP AT NITE TIME, THANKS!!!

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