Heart of Gold

Someone you can talk to about anything! If you don't have a friend to talk to, I'm here. If you have no one to listen to you, I'm here. If you need to vent out your problems, I am here as well! I love to listen to your problems, frustrations and stories!


We have all been through ups and downs in life, especially when it comes to love and relationships. That is where I come in to be of help to you.Everyone has their own experiences and situations in life, and no situation is ever the same. I totally understand that aspect. I am non-judgmental and will listen to what you have to say because listening is what I do best. I have helped so many members of my family and friends get through hard times in their lives, and I can definitely help you out too. Just allow me to give you my own advice from my own personal aspect. We all need an open ear at times, and sometimes certain friends don’t understand what you are going through. That is when you need someone else who can listen to your current problem, and that is where I come in to help you! I love giving advice, especially when it comes to love, dating, relationships, and marriage. I’ve been through so many ups and downs in my life, and I have learned what to do and not do to make a relationship better. I am here.


I have tremendous experience when it comes to helping people out with their current situations. There’s just so much happiness inside of me knowing I have helped someone solve their love issues or problems. In all honesty, I have helped so many married couples and even broken up relationships get back together again. But of course, there are those just don’t work just because it’s seriously not meant to be. I love to give advice to people because I know my advice would make a difference to them and touch their lives someway and somehow. I know everyone can give advice, but if you listen to mine, who knows – you may learn something you’ve never learned before. When it comes to listening to problems, I am there. I don’t mind listening to you vent them out, knowing at the end of your venting, I can give you some great advice in how to make your lives better – and live a happier and healthier life! I can help you do that if you give me a chance to talk to you. It’s all up to you now to make that happen. I am very eager in helping others change their lives because from my experiences, I have been through a lot and I know how to move on and be a stronger person. Let me help you move on. Let me make you a stronger person and believe in yourself that you can change! I am here my dear friend. I am non-judgmental and whatever you say, I will totally respect and understand. I will not judge you based on your actions, but even help you to move on and become better and learn to be stronger and pro-active in life. I will help you overcome those obstacles that you feel you have no way of getting over, it’s just something that you have to put your mind to. Some people don’t have the motivation to do that, so let me motivate you! I have faith you in my dear friend. It’s all up to you how to change for the better. That’s why use me for this memorable service and you will not regret it. I love to help people overcome problems in life and better themselves for the present, and most definitely for the future. Many say I tend to worry about others more than I do for myself, and that is absolutely true. Just connect with me, and you will understand how I can talk to you and help you alleviate your problems, stressors and love issues in life! I am here for you. Cheers! Kindest regards, Heart Of Gold! :)

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