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Spiritual Mentor, psychic healer and empath. I recognized at a very young age that I was given very special gifts. People would seek me out, tell me their stories and ask for my insight. My strongest gift is my ability to connect with people on an empathic channel.

I can provide you spiritual guidance. I can help you with relationships, love, or strange or problematic people in your life, home or career. I can assist with questions regarding your relationship with your spouse, children and parenting.

I am kind, compassionate and honest. I can assist you leaving you ready to walk away with clarity and a renewed resolve. I will assist you in finding peace through my readings.

Please NOTE::::: My ability to read is based on your ability to be open and honest. You have to accept what I tell you. Keep the information, as it may not make sense now, but in the future you will understand. I am very honest and will give you all of the information that I get. That means the good and bad.

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I have had my psychic gifts for as long as I can remember. I have helped people with relationship problem, negotiation, contract disputes and making decisions. I am very intuitive and methodical. I use my skills learned in my formal education to enhance my psychic abilities. I have a BS in Computer Information Technology, Masters in Computer Information Technology and Masters in Counseling.


Legally Required: For Entertainment Purposes Only

No Refunds unless done during first three minutes of the reading. Feeling like we are not connected after getting information that you do not like or agree with is not a reason that I will refund your costs. No Guarantees.


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Languages: United States

Media: Audio Call,

Local Time: (GMT-06:00) October 02, 2023, 03:00PM

Location: Ballwin  (Find on Google Maps)

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29 Apr 2023 satisfactory ranking krishm

She’s brilliant, fast and connects before proceeding with the reading.

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25 Jun 2017 satisfactory ranking kalilou99

Shall see what the prediction was to come

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07 Jun 2017 satisfactory ranking jcmorena777

I think some things were on point due to my birthday and birth place, but others were me wanting to please this person when I told him to lose my number even though I care, I never chase. I think that love is love, despite love language, that's just a way ppl show there feelings....I do not love as a parent, it is more as a peer in a relationship and I love the man to play the role of a man, I am quite submissive, so she was off about me wanting to take control .....Overall, ok reading...thank you

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28 Apr 2017 satisfactory ranking newgirlmya

She is very generous with her time and she did pick up on certain things. Very nice lady unfortunately her reading is completely opposite from others that have read for me. Give her a try , maybe its just me... she really is an awesome

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15 Mar 2017 satisfactory ranking bcuzimagurl

Ok a alright reading. No real real answer. Tells me soulmates are like a garden u ned to water it and cater to it for it to blossom hahahha. Tells me that the man I am seeing could be it..if i water it and cater it?! Seriously? She didn't seem very sure of her own was more like reassuring me. I just wasn't satisfied i felt like i didn't get any truth..just.more advice and reassurance. Not for me

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