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Get To Know Me Before The Reading. Thank you for clicking on my profile! I’ve been giving readings for 15 Years. I believe that i am truly strong in my ability to help others, Answer questions, And be quick and accurate! I have two places of business in the United States. I am a love psychic using clairvoyant, and emphatic methods, to help others along their love journeys. i specialize in LOVE matters of the heart.

I grew up with many men and women who also had the gift of clairvoyance. Their influence has been strong on me and my Gift as well. With their help i was able to tune into my spirituality and make it more powerful then I could imagine! When you call you are guaranteed a reading that will open your eyes about your love life. Things you should know before you contact:

The name and birthday of the person in question.(if any) You must be open to the truth Be honest about any question you have for me.(I’am not here to judge you) GOD BLESS!

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What qualifies me to be a spiritual consultant and life coach?

I have had several years of experience in helping people get their lives back on track I get to know and understand each client personally and have an inner gift of sight which allows me to successfully advise and help people over come there problems and find their way in the world I have coached many people from all walks of live to become happy healthy and successful


Why Am I Here For You. What I want to do is give you the tools and information you need to make better decisions in all aspects of your life. You don’t have to just "wait" for things to happen anymore. You can start to effect change today. Life is a journey and sometimes you just need the right map to get to where you want to be. Whether it’s finding your soulmate, or being reunited with someone you feel you are meant to be with and still have unfinished business, I am here to help you. The answers you seek are a click away!

I truly believe the following statement with all my heart: Only God is 100% accurate, 100% of the time, with 100% of people…...

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26 Jul 2017 unsatisfactory ranking rosy83

All lies. I gave her more than a week to see if what she said was true. I still don't have a job and no offers either and in regards to love I don't have a bf and it's hard to believe in these kind of people when I've been alone a long time and she said I'm going to find true love in 1 week. I actually told her that was impossible and she right away said "I would refund if you want" which means she's not legit.

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09 Aug 2016 unsatisfactory ranking sara7778

She took my money and left! I want a refund

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31 Jan 2012 unsatisfactory ranking cnd84

I was just reading back over this transcript, and I can not leave an excellent review for it. That would be dishonest on my part. Maybe we just didn't connect that well. First, you told me that you see that my husband and I have three kids, and we have none. Then, you asked about pets, and we have none of those either (not even goldfish!). Finally, to suggest that my husband and I are supposed to stay together and that he gives me much attention...way off! Maybe my anxiety was interfering with the reading, but I just didn't feel a real connection here. Sorry! Thanks for trying, though. God Bless you!

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