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Hi There! Have You Been In love? Outta Love? Or just Inbetween?! Your Confused on what you should do? Don’t Worry I can help you in all Aspects in life! I can answer all your questions with 100% Honesty. I can help on what to do on that certain situation. I Guarantee I can satisfy you and ease your mind from all the questions, worry, and stress, I’ve been helping people like YOU for many years! And I plan to keep helping the people in need of answers and advice! I also Specialize in Marriage, Career, and Finances. I also do Meditations, Chakra, Chakra Healing And Balancing. I’m very Honest I don’t sugar coat my readings, I like for them to know the truth about the situation there going threw! So contact me today to get the peace of mind and understanding you need!

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I have been doing this for nearly 10 years. I have Helped many people around the world! I have my own Shop for 6 years where I do readings in person. But I wanted to Broadin my gifts and abilitys to many others. I’ve Helped People With various type of situations, As in, Addiction, Financal Problems, Marraige Issues, reuniting relationships. How I’ve helped these problems is With my certain Techniques I use my Spirit Guides. I do Meditations, And Chakra Meditations is one of the most popular thing I do, it helps the client become more aware and focused on the situations going on around them, Chakra balancing is another popular thing I do it helps Balance out your Aura’s meaning, It will help ease pain through out your body, and helps calm and soothe the body, mind and spirit.




I Have been gifted with this Ability in helping and advising many different people, in many different ways, For many years. I have the power and the ability to foresee the Past, Presant and future! I can also pick up on Other Surroundings and Energies Even as far as past lives! But my main focus is for you to know what your future holds, and how to Direct you for a better outlook in life, I can tell you how to accomplish and achieive your goals, desires and dreams. If your Wanting to know a little more then usual…Contact me!

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28 Mar 2015 satisfactory ranking ramina

Nice . Was about to hire her for more because she impressed me . But she left . No thank you no good bye Oh well...I said I was for just one question so maybe it's good that she vanished . My question was answered. Maybe we were disconnected maybe she is more frugal than cordial who knows. Ha .

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15 Mar 2015 satisfactory ranking jabeen02

Quick to respond but her reply on where things can go with someone who is supposed to reconnect is very different from what she was seeing last month.

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28 Oct 2014 satisfactory ranking pb26

Angela seemed assured and answered many questions in the time permitted, but it just seemed too nice. Perhaps in her view I should have been pleased I couldn't imagine some of the things coming to pass. Was this reading to get a good review?

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19 Oct 2014 satisfactory ranking yani87

Great reading, gave me alot of information hoping that prediction comes true :) will be back UPDATE: 10/28 They have not broken up :( will change if things change.

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17 Aug 2014 satisfactory ranking everdeen25

You advised me to not contact her because you said it would not help. But, I actually did... and it's helping our relationship in that we are beginning to clear the air by trying to resolve our issues. I decided to do this because I felt it was time, and I had to go with my intuition. However, thank you for the chat!

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