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Astral Fox offers intuitive readings, spiritual advice, and tarot readings with a deck of your choice. Past life readings and spirit guide calling/advice is also offered.

During a spirit guide session, Astral Fox can find your spirit guide and tell you about them. Spirit guides can be humans or animals. She can also call a spirit guide to you, if she finds you currently do not have a spirit guide.

During an intuitive session, Astral Fox will ask you if you would like a past life reading or a future reading.

A past life reading will go back to your lives you have already lived and tell you what mistakes you shouldn’t repeat in this life.

A future reading will tell you about the path you are on now and what you should do to change it.

Tarot readings can be given for any issues. Let Astral Fox know if you are looking for a romantic reading, general reading, or something else.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Third Degree High Priestess through WitchSchool


Astral Fox has been studying Eclectic Wicca for six, going on seven years. She became a High Priestess three and half years ago. She has taught and learned from many students and fellow Wiccans. Astral Fox is a born Clairvoyant, Medium, and avid tarot reader.

She has eight experience with tarot and over ten years experience with spirit guides.

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