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I’m a highly intuitive empath. Although I had always been interested in occult arts since a child about 6 years ago I started realizing my gifts of intuition when I embarked on a spiritual journey after a tough time with a relationship.

I started studying spirituality and knew I wanted to help people because it had helped me so much. I’m here to offer love and spiritual guidance. I use meditation and my natural intuition to focus on your energy and answer your questions.

Introductions are free. I do not claim 100% guarantee as an authentic psychic NEVER claims to be correct all the time but simply points you to the best path or most likely outcome. Remember we all have FREE WILL to change. If we don’t connect I will not charge. Try me you might just be surprised!

Since I’m new to this site I’am offering a special 30min/$10 OR 45min/$15 Take advantage its for a limited time.

If I’m unavailable please leave a message and I will get back with you at my earliest convenience


Please keep in mind just like with any discipline a psychic with 30+ years of experience will be more accurate than one with a few years of experience. I have been reading for 5 years and I describe myself as an Empath. I would say I’m 96% accurate. Although I can pick up initials, numbers, settings, etc about future events if we connect well (and getting better at it!) I’m more able to give advise on the past/present situation. I have explained some types of psychics below.

I’m experinced in Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Empathy, Mind Over Body, Telepathy

Definitions from

Clairvoyance – Usually confused with Precognition, this ability actually has much more in common with "Remote Viewing", True clairvoyance is not the abilitly to see into the future, but the psychic ability to see visions of that which is hidden or far away.

Clairsentience – In this instance the psychic has an insight or "knowing" of and a hidden or forgotten fact.

Empathy – The talent to sense the needs, drives, and emotions of another. As with Aura Reading, psychic ability can often reveal itself through the development of empathy.

E.S.P. – Extra Sensory Perception is the awareness of information about events external to the psychic that are not gained through the senses and not deducible from previous experience. Often used to describe clairvoyance, precognition, telepathy, etc…

Intuition – Similar to clairsentience, this is the power or faculty of attaining direct knowledge or cognition without rational thought or inference.

Mind Over Body – Suppressing or mentally satisfying the need for water, food, or sleep. There is some debate over whether this is actually a psychic ability since many of those who are associated with this trait (monks, yogis, mystics, etc…) are not generally called "psychics".

Telepathy – The ability to communicate mind-to-mind with another.

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18 Mar 2012 satisfactory ranking possum

reading was OK very slow with responses she did pick up on some things.

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02 Sep 2011 satisfactory ranking anixon


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26 Aug 2011 satisfactory ranking imaginaryone

She tried her best...but was a bit confusing...

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19 Aug 2011 satisfactory ranking melfresh27


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