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Welcome to my page :) My name is Malia. I am a vibrational energy reader, clairsentient, clairaudient and .

I specialize in reading for other gifted people, empaths, HSPs, and sensitives.

REGULAR HOURS: M-F 4-8 PM PST APPOINTMENTS AVAILABLE – Please feel free to email if you don’t see me online.

"Excellent, a true guide and channel. I love how she reads with absolutely no info, and yet, she can very well describe and articulate energies with very good accuracy. She is loving and beyond outstanding. Thank you!"

"I have hardly any words to describe the gratitude and good vibes that I received from this reading. What a destined delight to meet this person!"

"This lady is very special. She is high energy. As she was talking to me I felt a heart communion of a sort. She actually emanates as she speaks. I feel she is a spiritually clear evolving soul with solid ethics. She seems totally trustworthy and not liable to tell one what one wants to hear but what she knows and sees as true."

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Author of Malia’s Way (everyday magic for empaths)

Creator of Finding Your Yes! (your treasure map to uncovering your guidance and trusting it)

*Creator of Soulful Business Bloom (your business made over with your soul’s essence firing at its core)

•Reconnective Healing™ practitioner •Practitioner of the Vagus Nerve Activation™ •Practitioner of the 111 Activation™ •Practitioner of the 222 Activation™


For the purpose of being more clear, I wish to share with you who I desire to read for :). You are open-hearted and thirsty for a deeper understanding of the relationships you are in now. You have a mature perspective that your choices are both your responsibility and worthy of celebration. You listen intently when you recognize the guidance is coming through. There are not frequent interruptions in the flow of information. You are willing to consider and apply this guidance in your life. You allow time for the fullness of the reading to come through, rather than accepting a lack-based perspective and only receiving bits and pieces. You are as beneficial to me (energetically speaking) as I am to you. You understand the power of thought and feeling (or are awakening to this).

PLEASE READ By contacting me for a session, you indicate that you understand that energy work &/or intuitive energy readings do not involve any diagnosis or medical treatment, and they are not to be substituted for regular medical care. While some persons have experienced healing after receiving energy work &/or intuitive energy readings, you understand and accept that there is no guarantee, either expressed or implied, of any particular outcome from this or any future session. You also agree that you are at least 18 years of age.

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05 Sep 2012 excellent ranking justcallmeboy

Thank you for the reading Malia. You were amazing and on the spot.

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27 Aug 2012 excellent ranking hello.123

wow, very impressed - nailed the personality of the guy in question to a tee with no details, name or dob

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26 Aug 2012 excellent ranking reica

Malia validation are true ! You may not believe sometimes but when u re -read the transcript , u will realised that watever she said were the absolute truth ! She is REAL!

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13 Aug 2012 excellent ranking lcs2008

xxxx thank u for your good insight

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02 Aug 2012 excellent ranking ph1966

Enjoyed this reading very much. Will be back soon for more information.

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