I don't know what to think

about 1 month ago
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A guy from my past ,(name is Dunn)out of nowhere,came to my door .. we hung out & caught up. .& He seems to want to continue to see each other.i dont know what to think..I’ve been with a narcissist for many yrs before so ill see & feel bs that isnt ness there..in trying not to get duped again. My gut feeling has been proven wrong ..a lot ..after being with this long ago narcissistic guy.

is Dunn Genuinely wanting something real .or is it a game? I don’t want to lose our on a good guy by letting my past get the better of me ..but also don’t want to get played again.lol Thank you

about 1 month ago

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about 1 month ago

I can give you an honest look at Dunn you Audrey. :) I’d love to hear from you.

Bright blessings! Pixie :)

about 1 month ago

Hey Audrey I’m sorry I missed you! Feel free to give me a call back.

about 1 month ago

Hi dear I can help you can . you can join me in my chat room. Thanks:)

29 days ago

well the situation between you isn’t as complicated as it seems, I would’ve to give you more insight in a private session,

28 days ago

I can help!

27 days ago

hello there i will be able to look inro this for you and give you hounest snsers reguarding this is to were his intentions are with you and what is is whnating if your are ganna be wasting your time or is this a relationship were is will grow detailed answers

21 days ago

Join me I can look into it for you! -Alana

21 days ago

Hi Dear,

It’s been a super heavy years for the collective. There has been one cosmic roller coaster after another. The last eclipse has brought up a lot of unhealed wounds and recurring relationship traumas with the energy being a theme.

Moon is in it’s 3rd Quarter, Release what no longer serves your highest good and intentions So the New moon brings poisitve energies in your life..

so let’s start and find out that what he wants, thinks, and feels for you? What’s in store for you two? how things will unfold? and are you wasting time or there is something for u?