About me and my baby daddy

about 1 year ago
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Is max serious about the feelings he has for me and is he going to stick around for good when baby comes along??

about 1 year ago

hi sweetie just give me the dates of birth we can go from there..only REAL honest answers

about 1 year ago

Hi there,

I’d be happpy to take a look at your situation with Max. Give me a call for honest insight and genuine connection.

Bright blessings, Pixie

about 1 year ago

I can help (:

about 1 year ago

Hi Jdoreen, I would be more than happy to help. I can tap into the future whether or not he will stay. I see some ups and downs. But I will give the answers to you straight forwardly and bluntly as the truth will set you free. Don’t hesitate to call me for a chat, take your life back. Do not settle for less!

Kind regards!

about 1 year ago

It is natural to have doubts and worries about your partner, especially during such a fragile time. A good indication is how he treats you while you are pregnant. There are always outside factors that go into this, and for that we are here to let you know if we feel something is amiss or if it is just nerves.

Sending prayers an love for your new baby and your family



11 months ago

Hello and welcome and thank you for your questions. It seems that he will not stick around after the baby is born I could only tell you because this has been an ongoing pattern of his if you’d like to know more please join me for my $10 deal for 20 minutes I will be logged on at 5 o’clock central time today.

11 months ago

please provide first names (including yours) as it’s more accurate to do a reading with first names. based on the information you provided, i regret to inform you that the cards show that there’s pretty much nothing good ahead with this man. i cannot promise 100% accuracy but that’s what’s showing up here, i’m sorry. hope i’m wrong.

focus on yourself and your baby…best of luck.