No one loves me :(

3 months ago

I know this is kind of weird but I have trouble finding any love. I haven’t had a real boyfriend for a long time now, and even rock star crushes do not seem so entertaining anymore.

3 months ago
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Rebo (rebo)

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I had a big crush on Pat Benatar but she got really old.

3 months ago

That is not weird at all. That’s the majority of the calls I get here, to be honest.

3 months ago

many times what we want is real…there is love out there for me for complete details

3 months ago
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the answer to this is simple stop looking you arent ready yet you keep forcing and trying with the wrong people focus on you on your growth and emotional support and the one you are meant to be with will come to you i see it already

3 months ago

Is this person real or a bot.. many random topics have been created by this user.

2 months ago

As the earth is shifting and changing and we are getting closer and closer to the time the most high returns. This means priorities have rapidly shifted. Your purpose is deeper than a partner. I know you miss connection as a lot of the chosen ones do, but it will be okay. Please message me if you would like to speak more in depth about whats going on inside of your heart and lifebeing. x

love and prayers