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11 months ago
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FM (fifiye)

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I see my friends working with a psychic reader whom they can text or chat at any point of time through the day and getting accurate answer about any thing with fair price but I didn’t have luck so far while looking for one of such readers if u can please recommend a site or a person.

10 months ago
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**psychic white magick witch** (spiritualpsychicpaulie)

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i’d be happy to help if you’d like

10 months ago

You need to find someone YOU are comfortable with. If you have a certain budget, only call those within that budger or you may feel regret for spending too much. Sometimes readers will charge an amount for an email reading – a safe option so you do not get caught up in the moment and keep topping up.

10 months ago

You may find a personal advisor through facebook groups. There are groups out there for discussions of each kind.