I feel like I missed out on life

7 months ago

I found out that there is this thing “oxycton” chemical or whatever that mothers/partners tend to feel. I found out that if I do not become a mother, I will never feel love. I still remember feeling love as a child…and now it’s gone and I’m sort of depressed.

7 months ago

It is called oxytocin. It is a hormone made by the hypothalamus, and though it plays a role in childbirth and stimulating breast milk, it also is triggered by many other things—you do not need to have a baby for your body to produce it (thus why people experience love and happiness without having babies….including men). Many things can help trigger it… touch, intimacy, cuddling/ petting animals, exercise, yoga, social interactions, music, dancing, activities that are fun, spending time in sun/ outdoors etc…

(Just a note, this is neither psychic or medical advice. There are many resources on the internet that can provide in-depth information about oxytocin.)

7 months ago

Amen Magicsong, Great analyzation. Took the words right out of my mouth, It is true, you are and will be able to feel love, you are not missing out on anything. There is a plan for everyone and not everyone’s story is the same. God has a plan for you, and your life is meaningful whether someone is meant to be a parent or not.

If you would like to chat for more insight, feel free to contact me!

Kind regards.xoxo!

7 months ago

Dear friend I strongly advise you not to go crazy looking for information online, there are so many and do-it-yourself is highly discouraged. A correct interpretation can only be given by a specialist and here there is none authorized, regards Marcello

7 months ago

its better to contact a good doctor for this not internet i agree with marcello

7 months ago

Cycles, ebb and flow. In good, out bad, and so on. The planet is going through a period of upheaval and change, and we all have felt the weight of it. Hang in there and you will soon see the world is a place to be discovered, not feared. xx

love and light.

6 months ago
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it sounds like you’ll need a deep tissue healing cleanse

6 months ago

please seek a licensed health professional for assistance. blessings

5 months ago

Is this person real or a bot.. many random topics have been created by this user.

4 months ago

sweetie you are love baring a child or not not drugs or chem..will make you feel loved…plz hire and I will explain in detail…