Why are some readings completely different?

about 1 month ago

Just curious, majority of my readings are very similar and there’s 1 or 2 that’s completely the opposite than rest?

about 1 month ago

Life is not a preset series of events. Readings are based on your current energy and the co creating energy of those also involved in the situation. When you keep tapping into the energies repeatedly, often you are shifting your energy and intentions without even realizing it or meaning to, & then you start shifting your pathway and signaling different energy that can cause others to shift their paths and energy as well.

Another thing to concider is that we have options in life with different pathways based on our choices, energy and behavior. So each reader is telling you what path they see you most aligned with in that moment based upon all of these factors.

Overall, life is not a script in a movie, but something you are creating as much as you are experiencing. Take control of your energy and intentions and stop seeking constant reassurance with multiple readers. Then you wont have so much confusion on where your life is heading because you are the one deciding it rather than looking to everyone else to do that for you.
Take care, and God Bless-
about 1 month ago

Well, the future fluctuates, also the way one sees the answers are different from the other that sees the answer, also sometimes their’s connections too…

I recommend for people get 2 to 3 different readings from different people and see what connects more or what hits the most.

Then that will give you a better understanding of the total answer to your questions. :)

I wish you many blessings – Azen

about 1 month ago

Thank you for the advice and suggestion. Also sounds like tapping into energies often is not recommended as well?

about 1 month ago

I am not sure what you mean by “tapping into energies”

If you mean, reading energies – no, that’s just fine. I, myself, am at the core, an energy reader.

Blessings ~PMK

about 1 month ago

Tapping into energies is exactly what Michael is trying to define as something else. Whatever he wants to call it, the point is the same. Tapping in or reading energy multiple times in a short period is not going to keep the energy trajectory moving in the same direction it once was when you were previously operating in your natural flow of energy. And that natural flow was the very thing that was manifesting what you wanted. Tapping in multiple times to gain reassurance takes you far away from that natural energy flow into a state of resistance which can and will redirect your future outcomes. Good luck :)

about 1 month ago

But when the same psychic is consistent with their readings and the others changes.. is that still changing the natural flow? How does that work?

Ultimately, one persons freewill or destiny to lead their life/future/decisions in a certain direction is that the final path always? As mentioned before future fluctuates and life isn’t a series of events right?