Are we completely done?

12 days ago

Are my bf..well ex now.. truly & completely done? Idk if he’s going through something and he & we will be ok once he settles down . Or if we are that it..not freinds or anything?

12 days ago

Karen, I pulled a Tarot card for you, and got the 8 of Cups. It appears that your ex has left the relationship. If you would like a complete reading, go to my profile. If I’m not online, message me.


7 days ago

Hi Karen! I am sorry for your recent break up and I know how devastated you are. But know that God has a plan for you and You are not alone, we have all been there. I know this was sudden but I see something coming up for the both of you and good news, there’s still hope! It is just a matter of time. Please Message me for more clarity on future and past events. Get real answers, straight to the point with me.

Much love, Psychic Peach! Xoxo

4 days ago

Yeah.. I think he totally hates me. I feel I stood up for myself..maybe I was actually in the wrong..idk..but he’s yelling..get out of my life!! I don’t think there’s any hope to even just be freinds.

3 days ago

Hi dear Karen I can understand your inner condition right now and can tell you your bf feelings right now and how situation sort out and things will better for more info. you can take a look at my profile. Hope to see you soon. Thanks Fatima LoveFame