Letting go

about 1 year ago
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I guess I just want to know how do you just let go of someone you love. Like what is the first step. :(

about 1 year ago

depending on the situation, it helps to see their actions towards you as what they are, instead of romanticizing the past because of the good times and making excuses for them. I understand believe me, but we then tend to live in that time and the present will always hurt, when you are not able to befully present in it <3>

it takes removing bitterness at the same time, realizing this person may not be and may not have felt the way you had thought they did but realizing that the love can still be genuine even if they are not in a space to facilitate. sebd or receive as you are.

once youre able to see who you are and their opinion of you are not the same thing, moving forward gets easier.

big hugs and sending love to you.

if you want to connect with me to take an upclose intimate look at your persoalized situation i’m online now and available to chat for the next hour. x

if you want to schedule feel free to just message dear. love and light God blessx