I can't get over this :'(

about 1 month ago

I found out my mother might be dead and god knows where. Everyone say you’re not a little girl you don’t need your mother anymore…but I keep on getting this sort of feeling around me I cannot describe. I called some consulate and they said they don’t keep track of who lives where.

about 1 month ago

I’m so sorry to hear that. It doesn’t matter how old you are when you lose a parent…it’s always devastating. You always feel like you need help guidance and nurturing and that the best mothers always possess those qualities.

In addition, this kind of event has a tendenecy to trigger our inner child. A lot of people scoff at this notion, but it’s always a very real part of us that contains the same emotions as a small child. We learn to repress and stifle those emotions as adults, but always come up when a triggering even takes place.

I would be happy to work with you through this difficult time.

Bright blessings, Pixie

about 1 month ago

Please feel free to call me if you want to look into this hun I feel your pain and frustration from here and i wish to helpx