No Kids Contact

2 months ago

Hi my Partner Has stopped me seeing my 2 boys! As a devoted father i love my kids to bits! I feel like they are being used as tools against me.

2 months ago

Hi there! I am very good at exploring relationships and the emotions related to these types of decisions.

Let’s have a chat.


2 months ago

i’m very sorry to hear about your situation. i highly recommend you seek the legal counsel of an attorney as we cannot read on legal situations. best of luck and many blessings.

about 1 month ago
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i can feel your situation cose kids are blessing of God nd no one can far away from kids i can help u very well so contact with me

about 1 month ago

Lets have a chat so i could guide you with super deal please.

about 1 month ago

You must always remember that God will make away for you to reunite with your kids because you really want them. God sees your effort. He will bless you.

Contact me for a better and quick solution also the peace of mind you deserve.

Much love, Xoxo

about 1 month ago


My name is ANGEL & I am known for being an empathy. I can feel what you are going through. I am able to feel the energy around you along with my spirit guides.

I’ll always leave you feeling uplifted. Even when I provide the TRUTH you don’t want to hear . You’ll find my emphatic nature soothing.

so my dear, feel free to call me as this is Public Place to discuss details related to your Personal Life.

Kind Regards

about 1 month ago

I can help

about 1 month ago

Hi we agreed that our eldest son would act as a 3rd party and video call myself and my 2 little sons! I did video call and spoke to them in private. Now the ex does not want this aswell. She wants me to call her mobile and talk to the kids. I havnt said this but no way! I have closed chapter with the narsisstic ex! Again she is trying to control how the kids will talk to me . The last time we did this my kids would look at theu mother before even talking to me like they were scared! Im really stressed ouy!