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How do psychics read energy, do you see or feel it?

11 months ago

Hello lovelife123,

Each person is unique and uses the gifts they have in different ways. For me I see, feel and hear things, but I also can smell things or even taste things on occasion when picking up energy. I hope this answers your question. Have a wonderful day!

10 months ago

EACH person was given a gift from God to give us the opportunity to become humble in the sharing of these gifts.

it takes one small gift and then expands to the other senses once it is ‘full’

i started with empathy – which means feeling the emotions of everyone and everything around me. from there it expanded into sounds, sensory and then visual.

keep practicing active listening. x

10 months ago

Hi Lovelife,

I agree with Jana and Jade. It’s different for everyone. There are psychic senses that correspond to all of the physical senses. Clear seeing is called clairvoyance, clear feeling is called clarisentience, claircognizance is clearing thought, and so on. Jana for example has clairaroma which means clear smelling. We often have combinations of several that work in unison but I am personally stronger in clairsentience and claircongnizance. I have the other kick in sometimes, but that usually depends on the person I’m reading and the kind of reading I’m doing. I can remember one particular reading when I smelled burning wood and felt intense panic and fear. That was able to tell me the sitter had a fire in their home.

You start by trusting yourself and just using your intuition. The longer you work with your psychic senses the stronger they get, like a muscle, and the easier it is to determine where the energy is coming from and what its trying to say.

I hope that answer your question. I’m happy to discuss further if you have any questions.